BBTitans: Why Khosi may win the $100,000 grand prize

Khosi, third right, and other house mates

By Nehru Odeh

It’s less than 48 hours to he grand finale of the BBtitans Season 1 reality show, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday 2 April, 2023. And the attention of the globe is now fixed on who may eventually win the $100,000 grand prize.
After 11 weeks of intense networking, relationships formed and broken, after 11 weeks of highly competitive games, after 11 weeks of evictions, both shocked and anticipated, after 11 weeks of fun, laughter, fights, tears, dollars won and heartbreaks, we have almost come to the end of the first edition of the BBTitans reality show.
Still, the question on the lips of every fan of the show, which came with its own unique features this year, is who wins the $100, 000 grand prize.
The six finalists who are competing for the grand prize are: Khosi, Kanaga Jr, Tsatsii, Yvonne, Ipeleng and Ebubu. The truth is, each of the six finalists is a potential winner of the show. But at the end of the day only one housemate will eventually emerge winner.
Though one cannot rule out surprises in a show that is determined by voting, some housemates have shown strength, class, brilliance right from the outset. And those housemates have shown that they possess all what it takes to win the show.
Of the six finalists  competing for the grand prize, three of them stand out. The three finalists who have shown so much strength are Khosi, Kananga and Tsastii. Still, one cannot rule out Yvonne, given the fact that she is the only Nigerian female housemate left in the show. She may eventually spring a surprise and be among the three finalists  come tomorrow.
Still, of the six finalists, the only housemates that did not only come with a strategy which she perfected till the very end but has also shown so much strength, class, talent and brilliance is the South African born Khosi.
Barring any surprises, Khosi is set to win the $100, 000 grand prize. Right from the outset she came with a strategy which she made good use of in her relationshipe with her fellow housemates and the way she carried herself with panache throughout.
Fans of the show will not forget easily the content and vibes Khosi provided in the way she handled her relationship with Yemi Cregx while still flirting with Thabang and her partner Miracle OP. And the way she forced Yemi to sacrifice Blue Alva to his own detriment. While Yemi lost a lot of following, Khosi gained more fans and their  determination to support her till the end.
Khosi is the only housemate that was nominated for eviction nine times  by her fellow housemates and survived all of them. The fact that Khosi was able to survive those nominations week after week and survived, shows how strong she is and how determined and consistent her fans are. It also shows that her fellow housemates saw her as a threat and wanted to eliminate her from the house but they couldn’t.
Aside from Khosi, no housemate in the BBTitans reality show has shown so much strength and garnered so much fanatical support from fan, fans who are ready to swim or sink with her.
Khosi also showed class and intelligence throughout the 11 weeks she spent in the show. It was her popularity that made her partner Miracle OP to survive that long in the house. And as soon as Biggie unpaired the housemates, Miracle OP was shown the way out.
Another strategy that Khosi made use of in the house was her talk show, Coffee with Khosi. That talk show with which she engaged her fellow housemates made her showcase her skills as a broadcast journalist. No doubt, Coffee with Khosi made the South African born female housemate garner more fans.
Of the remaining five housemates, anything could actually happen to them. Their positions are not as fixed as the way Khosi’s is. Still, if Khosi doesn’t win it, then Kanaga Jr will go home with the $100, 000 grand prize
Kanaga Jr  showed so much brilliance and competitive spirit, but his fans are known for not rising up to the occasion. He may spring a surprise and become first runner-up if his fans decided to vote massively for him. Still, it will be unwise to rule out Kanaga, considering the fact that he has a huge fan base which may have turned a new leaf and rise up to the occasion.
Tsatsii is one housemate that is a silent operator. Though she has not been very conspicuous and loud in the house, she is very intelligent and has a huge silent fan base. Fans should watch out for Tsatsii.
As I have earlier said, Yvonne is the only Nigerian female housemate left in the show. Yvonne has also shown so much character and strength throughout the show. Aside from the fact that she is equally strong in her own right, she may spring a surprise since she is the only Nigerian female housemate. Nigerian females fans of the BBTitans may have eventually decided to throw their weight behind her and vote massively for her.
Ipeleng and Ebubu are very special finalists and they have so many things in common. While Ipeleng got automatic qualification for the grand finale after she won the Head of House Game and Supreme Veto Power, she used that veto power to nominate Ebubu for the finale the following week.
Throughout their stay in the house, Ipeleng and Ebubu never showed how strong they are. But they could also spring a surprise at the grand finale. Fans may decide to vote for them massively now that they are in the finale. Still, whatever happens, they are not in the race for the first and second positions. But the fact that Ebubu and Kanaga are the only Nigerian male housemates left in the house could work in their favour. Nigerian fans may decide to vote en masse for them.
In conclusion, the three finalists may come in this pecking order.
1. Khosi – winner
2. Kanaga Jr
3. Tsatsii/ Yvonne
5. Ipeleng