Dear Lagosians, Lagos must not fall!

Olufunke Cole


By Funke Cole

That Lagos State stands out uniquely from the rest of the 36 States of the federation is not in doubt.

All thanks to the concerted efforts of her founding fathers, today the Lagos State we have all come to know is a melting pot of some sorts where many people, especially non-natives find meaning and fulfilment in every sphere of their lives.

Though not yet an Eldorado, Lagos State is home to every Nigerian whose daily exodus to the land of aquatic splendour guarantees them access to the Good Life they so desire.

Little wonder Lagos is often described as a land of promise and very much so because it has made every no-do-wells become resoundingly successful judging by the accolades they receive from far and near, especially from people who knew them in the days of their humble beginnings.

In every corner of Lagos today, you’ll find people who share a verisimilitude experience with the likes of the Dangotes, Elumelus, Ovias, Otedolas, Alakijas, Adenugas and many others who all started out here humbly but have become widely acclaimed businessmen and businesswomen with net worth in billions of dollars. Yes indeed, Lagos makes it happen for people especially in a big way!

How did the state achieve this lofty heights? Certainly, it’s not by idling away when others were slumbering but working its bones up.

What then can we do to raise the bar of progressive growth for our Lagos? Should we sit back and allow mediocres to come and plunder her natural endowments and assets built and acquired through toil and sweat over the years? Hell no.

This time certainly calls for sound reasoning and real soul-searching indeed.

This surely, is not a time any discerning mind should sit on the fence or bury ones head on the sand like the proverbial ostrich is wont to do as though all is well. No.

This time demands of those who believe in the sanctity of human lives, respect for enduring legacies to raise their voices above the din and speak, yes speak by setting stores for the ideas and ideals of good over evil, honesty over dishonesty, so that the already soiled fabric of Nigeria’s unity can be washed sparkling clean and rid of all other debilitating ailments that afflict her.

For all intent and purpose, if Lagos State, the bastion of the nation’s socioeconomic development in every material particular is allowed to continue on its current growth trajectory, it’s sure and certain that things can only get better.

I therefore besiege you the good people of Lagos State and all lovers of good governance commited to the progressive growth and stability of the Centre of Excellence to gird up your loins and get ready to protect this land from ethnic bigots, plunderers and marauders.

Dear Lagosians, we cannot afford to leave Lagos in the hands of those whose motives are clearly suspect, selfish and ill-conceived.

If we allow the enemy to have his way, our dear Lagos which we hold so dear, may not be the same again because the opponents like the devil come only to destroy. Forewarned is forearmed.

Dear Lagosians and lovers of good governance, this Saturday, as we all go out to cast our votes, let’s resolve to return Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to office to consolidate on the good works he has started so that our Lagos can continue along the path of its growth pedestal.

Let’s work together for the Lagos State we desire. This is a Lagos that will work for us all. It’s in our collective interest to achieve this height together. Let’s do this!

Dear Lagosians, Lagos must not fall!

#Vote Sanwoagain!