Lie! I didn’t say I’ll fight and bleed to death – Peter Obi

Peter Obi

Mr Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, has advised his followers to “remain calm, prayerful and alert to the events in the country.”

He spoke through Valentine Obienyem, his Media Adviser, urging Nigerians to ignore the news being circulated where he was quoted as saying that he never lost an election; that he would fight and “bleed to death until” his mandate is restored; that he would drag “INEC until there will be no life left in them”; that he was “looking forward to jailing all that partook in this scam and fraud called election”, among others.

Obi described the news as not only false, but also “mischievous, misleading and out of character.

Obi said that insofar as he believed that the election was gravely flawed, as being attested to by everybody that was part of the process, that he would continue to pursue the recovery of the stolen mandate through the legal process.

“I have worked through similar paths in the past and was successful. I shall follow the same path without endangering the relative peace in the country, which is actually what those election riggers are striving desperately to upset”, Obi said.