Abia’ll become major exporter to the world, Tinubu declares at campaign rally in Umuahia

All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate Asíwájú Bola Tinubu at the Abia State Presidential Campaign Rally at Umuahia Township Stadium on Tuesday

Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has promised to industrialize Abia State to make it one of the major exporters of manufactured goods.

Tinubu was speaking while addressing the mammoth crowd at the party’s presidential rally at Umuahia Township Stadium on Tuesday.

The APC candidate, who praised the people of Abia State to no end, said they happened to be one of the most industrious, energetic and dynamic people one can find on earth.

He hailed indigenes of the state for making the nation and the continent of Africa proud through their industrious and innovative nature, which has put them on the global map.

The Abia rally

He then promised to even make them more globally recognized if elected president on February 25, promising to establish a primary industrial hub in the state.

The rally was attended by Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinnma, APC Deputy National Chairman (South), Chief Emma Enekwu representing the party’s National Chairman, National Woman Leader Betta Edu and other members of the party’s National Working Committee.

Asíwájú Tinubu told the people of Abia: “Your state is a centre of production and industry. Today, my hope is renewed that together we can achieve industrial activity unprecedented in our history.

“Aba market is one of the largest in West Africa. I see it becoming a major exporter of all types of manufactured goods to Asia, to North and South America and Europe.

“I see this state humming with industrial activity such that it will become a world famous centre of activity from the manufacture of clothing to that of cars, appliances and computers and their components.”

He said his plans were genuine for the people of the state as well as across the country, from his understanding of the needs of Nigerians.

He further promised to provide jobs for the teeming youths of the state, strengthening digital economy and improving the nation’s power generation and distribution.

All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate Asíwájú Bola Tinubu at the Abia State Presidential Campaign Rally at Umuahia Township Stadium on Tuesday

“We will provide better infrastructure to open the region and the entire country to the trade, export, travel and tourism in which you will excel. This includes roads, waterways, ports, rail and the provision of steady reliable power.

He said students would no longer spend eight or more years in universities for four-year courses.

On power sector, he said the reform plan he envisaged will bring the electricity supply they require to live and work. “We will give you the tools to make your businesses as competitive and productive as any on earth.

“The teeming youth population standing before me makes my heart glad. We have good plans for you! God’s Own Youth! You are blessed! We will empower you. There will be jobs for those who desire jobs by providing tax and other employment credits to employers, encouraging them to hire you.

“My government shall support those starting their own businesses. My Digital economy plan calls for one million new jobs in ICT within 24 months in office.

“We are also investing in an educational system that will provide you with skills that make you globally competitive while also affording you a good standard of living,” he added.

Like in other campaigns, the former Lagos State governor never failed to mention his plans of improving the security situation of the nation, making it habitable for all.

All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate Asíwájú Bola Tinubu at the Abia State Presidential Campaign Rally at Umuahia Township Stadium on Tuesday

He said: “Our national security policy will function to give peaceful living clear of violence and fear. Insecurity will be tackled using advanced technological platforms for surveillance and tracking kidnappers and violent criminals. Security forces will be better trained and better compensated. They will exercise restraint when needed but will also show strength whenever put to the test.

“This nation will be a safe and prosperous place to live.”

APC Deputy National Chairman, Enekwu urged the people of Abia not to waste their votes but back Tinubu who he said would be victorious in the election.

A major highlight of the rally is that both Chief Nkechi Emenike and Dr. Uche Oga battling for the party’s governorship ticket with him were at the Owerri International Airport to receive Asíwájú Tinubu.

In his speech, Governor Uzodinnma sued for peace and reconciliation within the APC rank in the state, saying it’s only with reconciliation and every party chieftain being on the same page that victory is possible.