We’re taking Nigeria away from culture of primordial sentiments – Osuntokun

Akin Osuntokun

Mr Akin Osuntokun, the new Director General of Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, has said that his party would take Nigeria away from the culture of sentiments. In  his words: “We are not going to help in perpetuating those primordial sentiments. Being a Yoruba man, Igbo or Fulani should not be a determinant to winning the election this time.

He added, “Otherwise we will be holding ourselves responsible for all things that have gone wrong in this country. The question should be about competence and antecedents”.

Osuntokun, according to a report by breezynews, went further to explain how he felt about his appointment. In his words: “Naturally, I feel good about it (the appointment). I look forward to the new role. It didn’t come to me as a shock. I didn’t lobby for it.

“As the zonal coordinator of the South West and in the hierarchy of the campaign organisation, I am next to the DG of the South West. If we look at it from that perspective, it didn’t come to me as a surprise. That is the simple explanation for that”.

On how he intends to run his new office, the former Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria disclosed that he has “a considerable wealth of experience in terms of participating in the presidential election in Nigeria.”

“It is not a new terrain. I led the 2003 and 2007 presidential elections as a political adviser”, he said.

Asked if he would be under any form of pressure after his appointment following Okupe’s exit, Osuntokun said: “Of course, so will be the other DGs of other campaigns. Anybody in the campaign hierarchy will necessarily be under pressure until after the election. It is not an armchair position.