2023: I’m the Most Qualified Candidate- Peter Obi

Mr Peter Obi and the Olubadan, Oba Lekan Balogun

Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP) and the Pro-Chancellor, Dominican University, Ibadan, visited the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Olalekan Balogun, and his Advisory Council members. He declared that he is the most qualified candidate.

In his words: “Where have all those taken us to? I’m offering Nigerians what I did in Anambra State as two-term governor. I have been asking Nigerians to investigate all of us aspiring to lead the country. What did we do at our previous points of assignments? Mine is not difficult to do for Your Imperial Majesty as our in-law in Onitsha where I hail from, just a tap on any of our people there, my profile would be made known.

“Other things to consider when making our presidential choice which I strongly believe would not be based on party basis are character, competence, capacity, commitment and mental and physical energy to do the work. We can make all promises, but, let us examine the person making the promises using the parameters identified above. How much of trust can we place in the person making the promise,” Obi asked?

On corruption, he submitted:
“The government to be formed by the Labour Party (LP) come May 2023 would fight corruption because there can never be any progress under the regime where corruption remains the order of the day. By the time corruption is confronted headlong and defeated, criminality will reduce as a lot of jobless youths would be taken out of unemployment and poverty. We must get this country back on its feet and make it work again. This is my message to you Kabiyesi and the people of Ibadanland and I’m sure that with your support, it is doable.”

He spoke on the issue of structure or lack of it: “My number one structure is God, the number two is human being, and you people are my structure because you believe in me and in what I am saying.

“The structure we have today is that of criminality and underdevelopment. These structures have ruined the country. So, the question is do you want to continue with the existing structure or you want a new structure?”

Oba Balogun speaking through the Otun Balogun of Ibadanland, High Chief Tajudeen Ajibola, said: “As should be expected, Olubadan is the father of all and sees you all as his children. A widely traveled monarch, he is open-hearted and harbours no hatred for anybody for whatever purpose. We are happy to see you and your presentation bore eloquence testimony to your rich understanding of what you set out to do and one can only pray to God to grant you your heart desires and ability to follow to the letter your plan for a better and prosperous Nigeria”, Olubadan said.