BBNaija: Why Doyin, Eloswag, Chomzy were evicted, moved to Level 3

BBNaija: Doyin, Eloswag, Chomzy were evicted, moved to Level 3

By Nehru Odeh

Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy have just been evicted from the BBNaija Level Up house.

Doyin’s eviction did not come as a surprise. She herself knew it as she had said it would be the greatest miracle if she escaped eviction, giving the calibre of the other housemates nominated alongside her.

Doyin’s stay in the house had been fraught with her lack of understanding of the workings in the BBNaija house. She wasn’t actually in any relationship, and as a result could not create a ship and give content and vibes in the house.

The only relationship in which she would have was with Cyph, whose stay in the house was short-lived. Doyin’s inability to be Inna relationship alienated her from the fans.

Another thing that alienated her from the fans was the negative persona she created. She was fond of meddling in other housemates’ affairs. As a result, many BBNaija fans saw her as a gossip and she lost their support.

Just a day before her eviction, she told Chizzy that she would never be any relationship in the house because the it is doesn’t feel real in the house. That kind of mindset was antagonistic to her continual stay in the house.

Eloswag escaped eviction narrowly last week. That showed his eviction was just around the corner. Eloswag never saw his eviction coming because he thought he was popular outside the house.

He couldn’t build a huge fan base because he was too preoccupied with Chomzy and couldn’t give the kind of content and vibes they wanted.

Eloswag was a good dancer and was Head of House twice. But he couldn’t leverage on that to win the heart of fans.

The same fate that befell Eloswag also happened to Chomzy. Chomzy was too preoccupied with Eloswag. So she couldn’t create the vibes and content that the fans needed. And also she lacked leadership qualities, which she showed the only time she was made Head of House. She couldnt show leadership and affirm her position. Rather she allowed Ekoswag to do her job. This indeed alienated her from the fans

Meanwhile, as Ebuka said the evicted housemates have been moved to what he called Level 3. According to him, they will be in that house for a few days but will be moved later to the main house to join the other housemates. But they remain evicted.