Muslims as an endangered species in Igbo land

Sheikh Ibrahim Iyiorji


By Korede Abdullah

Islamophobia in the Southeast of Nigeria is increasingly reaching a dangerous situation that calls for concern. The minority Igbo Muslims are being molested, harassed and persecuted on a daily basis. A prominent Muslim leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Iyiorji was cold-bloodedly murdered by unknown gunmen last Sunday (five days ago) in the inner sanctum of his own room in Ebonyi State. The latest cowardly murder of the Igbo Muslim cleric should be condemned by all people of good conscience. This is an unprovoked attack borne out of hatred for Islam and Muslims which has become a recurring decimal in various parts of Igbo land.

This is not the first time this kind of despicable killings were perpetrated against Muslims. I remember during the #EndSars protest when hoodlums of other states of the federation were busy looting both public and private properties, the IPOB foot soldiers across the Igbo land, didn’t only loot, but they were hunting for Muslims, killing them indiscriminaty and burning down their mosques. Up till today, these perpetrators of the dastardly act have not been apprehended. If the relevant authorities fail to bring to book the killers of this sheikh, Muslims may become an endangered species in Igbo land!

May Allah be pleased with the soul of Sheikh Ibrahim Iyiorji and count him among the pious. May the wrath of Allah descend upon your killers.


Korede Abdullah, writer, lawyer and public affairs analyst, writes from Lagos