Why Dexa Medica treated traders for free in Agbara, Ogun State


From L-R: Mr Ambrose Eguvabor(Brand Activation Coordinator), Ovuike Uche(Senior Brand Executive), Baba Loja of Agbara, Ms Precious Chiwenuba and Mr Nnamdi Ezeani(Brand Manager).

By Nehru Odeh

Dexa Medica, manufacturer of drugs such as Boska, Stimuno, Konos and HerbaCough, has taken Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, a notch higher.

As part of its normal monthly routine of providing a lifeline to their customers across the nation, it provided free medical services to traders at Agbara market in Agbara, Ogun State on Friday 26 August, 2022.

It was a carnival-like atmosphere at the market as the event tagged Boska Pain Free Day, named after Boska, one of the company’s products and a household name in Nigeria,  attracted a large crowd. The products of Dexa Medica are marketed in Nigeria by Orange Drugs Limited.

The free medical services include malaria test, eye test (with provision of free eye glasses), blood pressure test and body massage. Not only were those services provided free of charge, medical doctors were on hand to give expert advice and recommendations.

The event was spiced up with fun, music, dance and a quiz competition  as traders, buyers and people living in its environs and beyond enjoyed free medical services in the ever busy market. Kids were also part of the fun as they thrilled the audience with latest dance steps and book prizes were awarded to deserving dancers.

Uchendu Ovuike, Senior Brand Executive, Dexa Medica, who was on hand to make sure the traders were well attended to,  said the free medical services were part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR.

And it was organised  to pay back the Agbara community for patronising their products over the years. This particular event, according to Ovuike was one of the monthly free medical services that the company provides across the country.

“We are people-oriented and doing this to give back to  the Agbara people because we believe the community has made us what we are. Without the people we cannot function. That’s why we try as much as possible to give them their basic needs, which is medical check-up. They don’t have time for check-ups.

” We tagged this programme Free Medical Check-up. That is why we call it Boska Pain Free day, the day when we do everything free of charge for them, even massage and remove their pains or whatever is causing pains to their bodies.

“In order to achieve this We have doctors that check their system and advise them on what to do,” Ovuike said.

Ovuike also said what the company has done is to bring the hospital to the people, as they, being traders, are too busy to visit healthcare centres, take care of their health and solve their health needs.

“We understand that traders are hardworking set of people and don’t have time to visit the hospital because they believe they would lose money during the times they spend visiting the hospital. So what we do is we bring the hospital to them,” he explained.

He also said Agbara market  was chosen because of its size and was a convergent point for both traders, buyers, residents and passers-by, adding that “anybody can come in and enjoy what we have to offer.”“

“The massive  crowd that we get around is the reason we chose this market. But we do it monthly. From Agbara, we would go to another market, anywhere we are sure of meeting many individuals. That is why we have chosen the market place,” Ovuike maintained.

However, Ovuike noted that Dexa Medica is also carrying out the monthly free medical services across the country.

“We actually carry it out monthly. And it is not just in one state alone. It happens across Nigeria, in Ibadan, Onitsha, Aba, Kano, Gombe, Kaduna etc. This is something the company has put in place for the citizens of Nigeria to make them understand that we care also. That is why our drugs are for normal households.

“That is why we are giving  back to them, to take care of their health, to sensitize the public that they should also take good care of their health,” he said.

It was indeed a day the people of Agbara community will live to remember as the people who enjoyed the various free medical services expressed their appreciation, noting that it saved them the time and money they would have spent going to the hospital to seek those services.

“This is something I have been waiting for. When I heard that they would offer free medical check up, I left all what I was doing to come here. The company has done well. I can’t thank them enough,” Tosin Awe, who said she did both malaria and blood pressure test, averred.

“I’m so happy that I am here. I have just killed two birds with one stone. While I have enjoyed the free medical services that the company has offered, my shop in the market is still open for businesa. I have done eye test and have  just been given  a new set of medicated glasses while I also did malaria and blood pressure test. May God bless the company for us market women,” Atinuke Oloruntoba said.

“I really appreciate the services I have just enjoyed here. Not only has it saved me the trouble of going to the hospital since I was attended to by a medical doctor here, it has made me saved the money I would have used for transport. I’m so happy to be here,” Taiwo Adedeji maintained.