Rivers ANA seeks partnership with NTA to revive reading culture

Members of Rivers chapter of ANA and management of NTA in a group photograph during the visit

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

The Rivers State chapter of Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Rivers State branch is seeking partnership with Nigerian Television Authority,NTA, Port Harcourt, South-South Zonal Office, to revive reading culture among Nigerians.

Towards this end, the Association led by its branch Chairman, Adi Wali, paid courtesy visit to Mrs Bosede Adebayo, Zonal Director and Management at their Port Harcourt office, Ngboba.

Speaking during the visit, ANA Chairman said as an association of Authors, Writers and Poets, members are deeply concerned about the fast fading culture of reading among the Nigerians, especially the Youths.

According to Wail,”We want to see how we can collaborate with a major media Organization like NTA and promote literacy. Nigerians no longer read.The rot starts from Kindergarten throughout all strata of learning”.

He said parents and guardians also take part of the blame for not encouraging the reading culture by solving academic assignments for their children and hiring mercenaries to write for them during examinations.

In her response, Mrs. Bosede Adebayo said ANA’s bid to revive reading culture among Nigerians was noble and NTA will be glad to key into it because the dwindling culture of reading is having adverse effects on the society.

“With the advent of the Social Media, people spend greater part of their time watching movies and chatting. I don’t like the popular saying that ‘if you want to hide anything from the Black man,you should put it inside a book because they won’t read’.

She advised the authors to go beyond periodic hosting of events to initiating sustainable campaigns and advocacy on the virtues of reading in schools and families.

The renowned broadcaster also pointed out that to encourage people to read, writers and authors should tell their stories in short and gripping format.

Mrs. Adebayo said people who read always are more mentally alert and healthy than people who are averse to it.

Highlight of the visit was the presentation of books authored by some members of Rivers ANA to the NTA management team.

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