Rivers of “Mugus”


Peter Odili, top: Rotimi Amaech, left and Nyesome Wike


By Ena Ofugara

Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State fought like a lion. Wike this this that. Mtchewww!!!

Wike took all your state money for healthcare and roads and pension and entered a fight he will never win.

Where did a lawyer without a chamber… with no known legal wins get the money he has been spending on a wild goose chase? What is his job outside of politics?

It is the money that would have built your father and alcoholic brother five state-of-the art dialysis clinics all over Rivers State.

Wike fought like a lion!!!


Taking your money to run for office makes him a lion?

Did he pull his shirt and bite anyone in the ear? Putting your state money in envelops and spreading it to delegates makes him a fighter?

Rotimi Amechi did same thing.

Peter Odili did same thing

Rivers State should be Dubai. Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa should be developed beyond… Instead we fund presidential aspirations that do NOTHING for us.

Odili, Amaechi, Wike.

Ten years from now, Rivers may be treating lung cancers, like it is malaria, from all the soot in the air. Wike and all will not prepare for this coming problem and others already here present.

Wike fought like a lion

Lions take the heritage of their pride lands and hand it to hyenas right???

And educated Rivers citizen, desensitized by repeated tomfoolery, applaud FRAUD AND FAILURE

We deserve what happens to us as a people. In four years, the next Rivers State Governor will spread money around Nigeria again. The Buhari that used Amaechi’s plane to fly around on his campaign, what did he do for Rivers? Odili that funded Yar Adua, where is he today? What did YarAdua do for Rivers state? And Amaechi…The trains criss cross Rivers? Are your ports open or your name “Port” Harcourt remains an anomaly?

Ibori of Delta did same.

At least Okowa spared Delta State the MUGU tag.

Let “Rivers” State continue to allow their resources FLOW LIKE A RIVER into foolishness.

Hausa and Fulani get sense pass us well well. Na Nigeria money Atiku allegedly thief. Tambuwal no bring Sokoto money. El Rufai hide Kaduna money. Ganduje keep Kano money for Kano. He dey collect join sef.

So let it flow, let it flow, let it flow…

Rivers of Mugu.

*Ena Ofugara writes from Texas