10 “sins” of Apostle Suleman – Stephanie Otobo

Apostle Suleiman and Otobo

By Nehru Odeh

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so says William Congreve in his tragic play, The mourning Bride. That indeed aptly describes the state of mind of Delta-born, Canada-based Nigerian singer and songwriter Stephanie Otobo.

Stephanie has been involved in a running sex scandal with televangelist and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman since 2017. She had accused the man of God of actions that are not in congruence with his status and role as a clergy man.

Not only did Stephanie allege Suleman slept with her several times in 2017 both in Lagos and Canada, which she later retracted, according to her, under duress, she went a notch higher on Monday 9 May, 2022 when she released his nude photos, including his erect manhood on her Twitter handle perhaps to clear any doubt. “You that lick me from head to toe,” she averred in one of her latest tweets.

Stephanie is enraged. Not only does she believe the man of God took advantage of her need for a husband, she is bitter because according to her the clergyman used and dumped her. And not only that, he had planned to destroy her music career and eliminate her. Still, the question is: What does Stephanie want from the man of God?

Here are 20 “sins” of Apostle Suleman according to his runaway lover, Stephanie.

1. Stephanie has been quoted as saying that Suleman deceived, manipulated and lured her into a relationship when she sought help from him to get a husband.

“It all started in 2017 when a friend told me about him that I should just place a call across and he will tell me the name of my husband. So, I texted the name of two different men because at that point, I just wanted to get married, settle down but Apostle Suleman called me himself and asked me why I didn’t come to meet him personally while he was in Canada for a program.

“I said I was not interested in seeing him that someone told me to just call and he will tell me the name of my husband. That was how he started telling me he was tired of his wife but because of the Pastor thing, he cannot leave her but I was like, I don’t have the time.”

2. Stephanie said the man Of God gave her something to drink that almost killed her.

”He told me God sent him to me and because I grew up in Nigeria, in a Christian home, so I believed him. That was how the manipulation started. I’ve had bad experiences with him (Suleiman), he gave me something to drink at the hotel that almost killed me.”

3. Stephanie alleged that the man of God had told her to stop her career and she would have none of it. This, she said, brought about a misunderstanding between them. “He did everything to stop my music career. He was scared that I’ll be influential.”

4. In 2017, Otobo accused Apostle Suleman of impregnating her and failing to keep a commitment to marry her.

5. She also accused Suleman of breaking a marriage pledge made to her in 2016 through her lawyer.

6. She said the man of God had allegedly sent the police after her and one William Godstime. But after two weeks of futile search, Otobo’s account got frozen which made her pay a visit to the bank where she was arrested alongside the young man and taken to the police station where bail was denied them for three days.

7. Stephanie said Suleman orchestrated the confession she was forced to make, retracting her earlier statement, in a church in Auchi. To buttress her point she said she had proofs. “He lured me to come make false confession at his church in Auchi that I lied against him.

“I was tired of coming to Nigeria because of this issue. The Canadian government was also after me like why am I traveling so frequently. When Phrank approached me, I was like okay, so he took us to Abuja and lodged us at this popular hotel. It was at the hotel Phrank told me what to say. I even have the recording of where he was talking.

”Then they took me to Auchi with an entourage to the church where I made the confession. I wanted to say the truth in the church but I was scared so they would not kill me.

8. In a recent tweet Stephanie accused Suleman of trying to hide his identity and appear different. “He has changed his hairstyle twice since I came out to speak up with receipts. He has done a lot to appear different.”

9. She also said Suleman once poisoned her, attempt to kill her and sent hired killers after her. “He even poisoned me, paid my friends to set me up and bribed some members of my fam to assassinate me. Lured me to come to make a false confession at his church in Auchi that I lied against him.”

He “has done everything to end my life but God is not dead”.

10. Stephanie said the case is taking so long because the clergy man has been attempting to influence the courts and bribe the judges. That was the reason, she said, the case was transferred from one court to the other.

“They succeeded in getting the case transferred from the initial court under this female Judge who refused to collect bribe from them. They wanted the judge to jail us but the woman refused, but later when I noticed they had transferred the case to another court, I knew that was it. Phrank approached me and said we should settle the matter and I gave in,” Stephanie maintained.