Hard times: Relationship experts urge Nigerians to establish family businesses

Participants at the event

From the left is Mr Wisdom Osiri the lead Consultant of Leadwide Consultancy,beside him is Mr Victor Itonyo the Chairman of Quantum Business, Entrepreneurship School, Mrs Stephanie Oarhe, a motivational Speaker and Mrs Josephine Itonyo, the Managing Director of Quantum Business, Entrepreneurship School in Port Harcourt.

*Many Nigerians are dying daily due to stress caused by hard times

Okafor Ofiebor /Port Harcourt

Nigerians can reduce the stress induced by the hard times as result of poor economy by establishing family businesses as a ‘safe support system.’

The duo of the Chairman, Quantum Business School, Mr. Victor Itonyo and Relationship expert, Wisdom Osiri, gave the advice on Wednesday in Port Harcourt during a family, Business and Love programme organised by the Advancing Women in Business.

Itonyo lamented that living and survival has become more problematic for Nigerians and as a result, many citizens have been forced to go beyond their limits in order to survive the current economic woes .

He advised that because of the hard times, couples should consider setting up family businesses to cushion the effects of stress on their mental health.

He noted that in a bid to survive the hardtimes, some Nigerians are submitting lower degrees to enable them benefit from the Federal Government N-Power program.

N-Power program is a Federal Government sponsored youth empowerment scheme created to deal with problems of unemployment among teeming youths.

Itonyo however urged Nigerians to do things differently by setting up family businesses which according to him, would build industries and create generational wealth and financial stability.

He said, “A peace of mind is necessary , create an atmosphere that can bring peace of mind because without peace of mind, the business cannot flourish”.

Similarly, Osiri urged the citizens to make themselves happy and their homes a friendly abode.

He lamented “People are having lot of problems that they cannot share with people, there is so much pressure everywhere even the World Health Organisation has noted that stress has become ‘a world epidemic.”

But he people can help one another overcome stress, stressing, that wives should help their husbands, while husbands should also help their wives and children and make the home peaceful and stress free.

Participants at the event

According to Itonyo,”Nigerians are very creative so the way forward to this present economy is for families to create business,let the adults and young ones be involved in family businesses to continue with the flow of income in various homes.

“Family businesses helps us to build financial stability and also impact communities,”he said.

Itonyo stated the key success factors for families are peace, resources, perseverance and commitment, urging families to work together in agreement and encouragement to achieve success.

Similarly, Mr Wisdom Osiri, the Lead Consultant at Leadwide who spoke on the topic “Mental Health” also stated the need for families to be mentally healthy in the present economy.

Osiri urged Nigerians to reduce stress by adopting ‘Safe Support System, mentioning recent early deaths of some Nigerians who died as a result of stress.

Osiri advised women to love their spouses, assist them to reduce financial loads, while men should also love their spouses, assist them and their children to overcome stress in their homes.

Mrs Stephanie Oarhe,also a relationship motivational speaker who spoke on “Mental Stress and how it affects relationships” urged families to exercise knowledge, discussions and understanding to be able to enhance their relationships and business.

According to Oarhe,”if families want to remain healthy emotionally, they should not drop garbage in their brain,”if you under value what you have, you will never be a happy person.

She urged Nigerians not to allow some people lifestyle on social media to put them under pressure.