Corporate Personality: How Miriam Olusanya Runs GTBank

Miriam Olusanya, GTBank MD

Miriam Olusanya, Managing Director of GTBank is a woman who can hold her ground in a male-dominated environment. She is the first woman to ever hold the position in that financial institution. She is a graduate of Pharmacy from the University of Ibadan and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool. She joined GTB as an executive trainee in 1998. Until she was appointed Managing director, she was an executive director at the bank.

Olusanya has remained an epitome of cerebral prowess. With an unrivalled experience in the financial sector where she has spent close to two-decade, her astronomical rise to an enviable height laden with impeccable records makes many of her peers grin with envy.

All her life, she loathes unnecessary media attention, rather she would celebrate her quiet wins with her team while allowing results to speak for her. Since she resumed as the Managing Director of GTBank on July 14, 2021, she has kept a low profile which has kept many wondering about her whereabouts. According to close sources, the trained Pharmacist from the University of Ibadan is silently making moves that are sustaining the bank’s winning streak.

Despite hard times, she is ensuring that the bank maintains its lead as a top shot in the banking business. In doing that, she needs undivided attention devoid of loud attention. “Those who think she is not in charge are getting it wrong. She has been a result-oriented person since her rookie days in the banking profession. It has been her style of doing things. She prefers to operate behind the scene and allow her team to take the glory. She has been a team player, that’s why many people are not hearing much from here or seeing her grace public functions.

All she is currently interested in ensuring that the bank is delivering top-notch services to its numerous customers and also ensuring that investors get increased dividends as returns on investment. If you see all she has achieved with a short while in charge, you will marvel. When the results start materializing, those who are criticizing her will sing her praise,” a source said.