Aregbesola’s attack on Tinubu, Oyetola generates reactions

When the going was still good: Oyetola, Aregbesola and Tinubu


Valentine’s Day falls on 14 February every year. It is a day that people on planet earth show love to one another. However, it was the day that Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, blew his top, spewing expletives on his political mentors and sidekicks, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, All Progressives Congress leader and a presidential aspirant and Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State. Since then, political analysts have not had a dull moment in the media.
The epicentre of Aregbesol’s volcanic eruption was Ijebu Jesa in Osun State. That was when he spoke to APC members, in preparation for Saturday’s governorship primary election.

The crux of his accusation against Tinubu was the betrayal and imposition of Gboyega Oyetola on the state as governor.
Below is Aregbesola Bombshell on Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Gboyega Oyetola

“We took over government on November 27, 2010, and by 28th, we announced that whoever sought revenge would be struck down by God. We only handed over to God, those who made us suffer. After we served for eight years, it wasn’t only party members that benefitted from our administration, the entire state did. I went everywhere in Osun with projects.
“However, by the time my successor was handed over to me around May or July 2018, I was told, ‘Rauf, this is the ideal successor that would stand by you. He would further showcase your efforts. He would not betray you; he would not dim the light of your glory. That was what the person, who handed him over to me said. If the person is listening to me, it would resonate with him, if he said so or not.
“But, did he do as he was vouched for? And when he reneged on these promises, did the person, who handed him over to me draw his attention to these failings? Anyway, isn’t the person the one we now see today?
Meanwhile, we are here at this station on three grounds and if we go about it honestly, we’d never regret this. The first is, God detests hypocrisy. That He is above all things, but hypocrisy, he’d never got close to. However, our prophet, Mohammed (SWA), said: ‘Assist the hypocrite and the victim of hypocrisy.
“But when asked to clarify the logic behind such a statement, he answered and said, ‘Listen, it is possible for a hypocrite not to know he is one. However, those of you around should endeavour to join forces with the victim of hypocrisy to prevail over the hypocrite and that way, you would have assisted the hypocrite to change his ways. That’s the first reason we are here and once we can do that, we’d be good to go and they would be the loser. It’s God’s commandment.
“Second, we are the ones looking after the people in every way possible. However, those we put into positions of authority to drive the project of caring for the people, have since abdicated this responsibility and we would never share space with such fellows. God says whoever is against the needy is His enemy. To that extent, we have to move away from these people, because we can’t because our association with them offend God. If we stick to this, we’d prevail.
The third reason is, the things we did that the people wanted, which, unfortunately, this man has turned away from and which formed the pride of our government, and which has been the thrust of our party since the days of Awolowo, we would not sit by and watch a fellow, who had no clue about this task, to destroy our efforts.
We followed and served this leader with all our might. Our loyalty to him had caused some people to start wondering if we were no longer Muslims. But we were with him and served him according to the admonition of our forefathers, who said when serving anyone, we should do so with sincerity and loyalty; that if you regard anyone as your principal, you must serve him wholeheartedly.
There’s no one here, who did not suffer with us. That’s the summary of my submission; that they have returned to where they’ve always belonged, and to also return the party to where it should be because we had hitherto followed the instructions of our leader, whom we thought was true to type. They would not join a party that is not theirs.
“Sadly, we didn’t know that while we wished him well, he didn’t think good of us. However, because we placed him higher than where he ordinarily should be, he started to think he is our god. Unfortunately, for him, we had sworn to God that whoever compares himself to him, we’d beg Him to bring down such a fellow.
Some, who are not with us would be here also – the informants to the other camps. But we’re no longer afraid of no one at this stage except God. You’re at liberty to listen to whatever we say here and go share with them over there. And I’m happy you’re here.
However, if we have to throw the cards open and start all over again, this party is ours. Let me repeat myself for clarity: this is the core Afenifere – a progressive group, that genuinely loves the people, the society and also loves itself. I’m not talking about cosmestised good. This is Awolowo’s group; it is Bola Ige’s group. It is also Baba Akande’s group before he partly left us.
We joined you in this same group in 2004; the group we laboured in pain and anguish to put together from 2004 to 2010, November 26, before the court gave us victory. This is the same group. Therefore, stop calling yourselves a faction; you are the main APC. Let me put it more succinctly, if our great leaders, who had passed on, had the opportunity of returning to this life, it is this same party they would join. There’s no latter-day member here. Everyone here started with us from day one. Even if some had left at some point, we knew why they left.
“As God, He doesn’t need a child to dwell in his glory. He does not need any family member or younger siblings to regale in His majesty. That He does not even need a group to be who He is. That He is God and that’s who He is. So, whoever puts himself in place of God, well, let him be his god.
“We will never assist such a fellow. In a worst-case scenario, we’d move away from them. Interestingly, in every group, everyone has a right to their choices. But in making those choices, you must be sure a majority of the members align with you.
“Some may share your ideas and it’s also possible some do not. This happened in Lagos recently. There was a governor, who wanted to seek re-election and the party declined and showed him the way out with their votes. So, the same way it was in Lagos then, is exactly the way it is in Osun today. What is good for the goose, is also good for the gander. It cannot be the turn of your younger brother now and you change the rules.”

People’s reactions
According to Olawale Olaleye, a political analyst: “Experience has also shown that any political difference between people that’s not quickly contained, provides a blurry big picture the moment ego steps in. Neither of the parties sees beyond self therefrom.
I see this Osun matter from an entirely different perspective. But, of course, not to be shared for an open debate. It’s a disturbing spectre of shame with bigger consequences for the “progressive Yoruba.
I needn’t break this down any further. But how those who are close to these two couldn’t see what was waiting ahead if the malcontent between Aregbesola and Tinubu was not tamed, is in itself interesting.
These two have come way too far than to watch them activate the MAD button. There’s nothing entertaining here. Honestly, many of you giggling at this theatre of the absurd or playing the ostrich may end up as collateral damage.”

Olawale Dauda, another commentator wrote: “We may want to ask why they only become mutinous only after they have gained substantially from his support and patronage.”
Another public affairs analyst, Wale Olayanju, argued: “Rauf is a failure, a liability in Osun. He was the reason APC nearly lost Osun in 2018. He will get Oshiomhole treatment very soon. Overrated politician…”

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  • Aregbesola is the most ungrateful human being i have ever seen in my life. This guy saying rubbish to Asiwaju upon all what Tinubu did for him. Someone who was NOBODY when he met Tinubu, and God now used Tinubu to changed his life, he has become somebody now and started calling his DESTINY HELPERS names. God will never forgive AREGBESOLA.