Pray for our youths…there’s trouble

Ritual killers. Credit: Vanguard

By Fred Chukwuelobe

As you go to church today, please pray for our youths, the so-called leaders of tomorrow. They may not see the tomorrow to lead.

If you’re not going to church, wherever you are, still pray for them. We are fast losing them.

Please also pay attention to them. Even if yours are abroad, remember they could come back here to live with these misguided youths we currently have.

Ritualists. Yahoo Yahoo. Twerking. Drinking. Clubbing. Going naked. Bastatdising our culture. Sleeping and waking up hoping to hammer.

Every day you open the social media, the reports you get are scary and disconcerting. Bizarre behaviours.

On the roads, at homes, in schools, at street corners, our youths are fighting, doing untoward things just to make money. Cultism is on the increase. Age is no longer a factor.

My friend, Okey, says they’re speeding to the highway of hooliganism and destruction. And I agree.

Politicians are not helping.
They’re looting, stockpiling money for elections. Arming social miscreants who in turn have become collectors of all manner of illegal taxes.

The fastest ways to make money these days are to become a politician, a pastor, an Internet fraudster, or a drug pusher. Travel to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, South. Return in December and marry.

Our youths are not reading. They’re not learning trade to become artisans. Soon, if you need plumbers, welders, masons, electricians, iron benders, etc, you hire Togolese, Ghanaians, Beninose, Nigeriens and Chadians. The Apprenticeship Scheme, which built Igbo economy is dead.

Our youths are visiting native doctors. They are trying all manner occultism and unimaginable stunts to find money. Did you see those eating bread rubbed inside their anus somewhere in Owerri, Imo State, recently? Have you read stories of those killing their mothers, girlfriends and others for ritual purposes? Did you see those who went to an ATM in Epe, Lagos State, wearing children’s pampers and carrying bags hoping for the ATM to dispense money for them?

Politics is in top gear. Money will flow. Fights will flow. More rituals. More desperation.