Why I removed my testicles – Benue man

Terhemen Anongo

By Richard Elesho

A Nigerian from Benue State has decided to put into practice Jesus Christ’s ancient injunction to his followers to gauge out any eye that causes them to sin. The Rabbi had thought them on the mountain in Mathew 5: 29: “If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.’

The Nigerian, a medical school dropout and resident of Gboko, Terhemen Anongo, opened the new year with the voluntary removal of his testicles. He said he took the option of castration to conquer his overbearing carnal desires.

The 44-year-old truck pusher explained that he removed his testicles “to avert sexual desire.” He noted that the decision will help him serve God properly without distraction.

The decision has caused him great pains. Last year, he had removed one of the testicles by himself, almost losing his life in the process.

He reportedly came into the limelight last March after he undertook the surgery, which resulted in profuse bleeding.

The timely intervention of those who knew about his plight saved the situation as medical practitioners rallied around to give him attention.

Anongo, who dropped out from the University of Ibadan medical school over alleged ill health, had said the castration was based on his religious belief that since he was not married, he needed to serve God faithfully.

Speaking on telephone with newsmen in Makurdi on Sunday, the former medical student said, “I went to remove the second testicle based on religious belief. I removed it on Monday. The first one had little hitches but this one had learnt from that experience, I did (remove) it very well. Somebody is always coming to dress it for me.

“I’m fine. There is no problem, I’m only waiting for when the wound will heal so I can remove the stitches.”

Wonders will never end, you will say.