Iyabo Oko, Veteran Actress, Comes Back to Life

Iyabo Oko

Iyabo Oko, a veteran actress, will go down in Nigerian history as one of those alive to read stories of their obituary. Late last night, she was pronounced dead by her daughter, Bisi Aisha and actress Foluke Daramola. Now, she is alive again.

For that, the woman whose tongue is as sharp as a razor when abusing someone in movies, comparing their heads to a tuber of yam or mouth, the beak of a parrot, will use the same mouth to wax great panegyrics for her Maker.

As Aisha put it yesterday, “My mum is gone. Rest well mummy. May ur soul Rest In Peace mummy,” she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.
The duo, on Thursday, announced again that Oko is alive. According to Aisha:
“Wonderful being, she moved her hand after being confirmed dead three hours ago. God, we will forever praise your holy name.”
Foluke Daramola-Salako also retracted: “Just heard from her daughter again that she moved her hand and she is still alive. Hallelujah! She is alive.

“It was her same daughter that announced her death before and she was the one that says is alive now. Mama is already in the hospital as we speak. Thank you, everyone. We still need your prayers please.”