VIDEO: Fani-Kayode’s estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu, cries out for help

Femi Fani Kayode and estranged wife Precious Chikwendu

By Nehru Odeh

The drama between former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fan-Kayode and his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu continues unabated. No day virtually passes without the couple regaling Nigerians with one form of drama or the other.

Ever since their marriage crashed last year, they have been embroiled in a bitter battle over the custody of their children. And there have been accusations and and counter accusations. The estranged couple, whose marriage crashed over allegations of domestic violence and infidelity have said so many unprintable things against each other. And they have been trending on social media of late.

Still, Chikwendu is saying that all that drama has passed, that she is not after who is right or wrong, adding that she just wants to see her children.

This is what the former beauty queen and mother of four, has said in the latest video she has just released. In that emotion-laden video, she is tearfully appealing to mothers and Nigerians to wade into the matter and allow her have an opportunity to meet with her children she hasn’t since since last March.

“I don’t intend to come crying here everyday. But that doesn’t mean I am not a crying baby. But I guess I haven’t been myself. I am getting a picture of my son in school with a scar on his face. And I have no explanation. I don’t even know what is wrong with him. I don’t know how he got injured. I have no idea what ks wrong with him,” she said.

Chikendu also said there was a court order that she should see her children and that both lawyers should make an arrangement for them to spend some time with her this Christmas. But, according to her, Fani-Kayode and his lawyers have been stalling court processes with one form of appeal or the other.

“Now the thought of my children with injuries and things I might know drive me crazy every second whenever I think about it,” she lamented.

Chikwendu then said that that wasn’t a call for who is right or wrong, that she is just appealing to Nigerians to wade in so she can access her children.

“I am just appealing to mothers, to women, to every good person who has a conscience to please help me. I am tired, really, really tired. I am getting depressed. Why do I have to fight this much just to see my kids and to make sure that they okay, if there is justice system in this country? I still believe there is a justice system and I trust that.

“I just want to see my children. All I am interested in right now is more voice to join to my voice. It’s not a crime. I just want to see my children.”

Chikwendu however suggested that they should present her kids somewhere so that she can physically access them and be at rest that they are fine. “That’s what I am asking for. Let me see my kids at least. It’s over a year. I have tried trying to behave myself, trying to package myself. No mother would keep packaging herself. All I a, asking for is to see my kids. That’s all,” she concluded.

Still, that indeed is not the conclusion of the matter. Nigerians have yet to see the end of the unfolding drama. This is just the latest of the theatre of the absurd that the couple have been involved in since their marriage crashed last year. More will still come definitely.

While Fani-Kayode has accused her estranged wife, among other things, of infidelity- that he caught her sleeping with a married man – and that she is suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and prone to acts of violence,

Chikwendu, on her part, has accused her estranged husband of serially abusing her physically and mentally for six years that they were married and that Fani-Kayode had not only mental issues but was also impotent. She also said because her estranged husband could not consummate their marriage for six years, they had to take recourse to IVF before she could conceive and give birth to their four children.

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