Folu Olamiti @ 70

Folu Olamiti @ 70

Sunday, November 28, 2021 2:00 pm

Folu Olamiti

By Festus Adedayo

On Tuesday, the 30th of November, 2021, one of the icons of the Nigerian media, Mr. Folu Olamiti, will be 70 years old. Born that day in 1951 in Idanre, Ondo State and married to Omotola Adejoke, nee Fayiga, Olamiti is an institution who groomed so many journalists in Nigeria today, one of whom I am. Since sporting me, he has consistently mentored me.

For his education, Olamiti attended Olofin Grammar School, Idanre; Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa; Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos; Thomson Foundation Editorial School, Cardiff, Wales and began a robust journalism career as News Editor, Nigerian Tribune, 1976-80; Assistant Editor, Nigerian Tribune, 1980-85; Editor, Sunday Tribune, 1985; Executive Director, Publications, African Newspapers of Nigeria Pic and has been member, London Institute of Journalists, Commonwealth, since 1978.

All these are just a miniature when placed side by side Olamiti’s humanity and professionalism. He had a knack for identifying journalism talents and did everything to motivate them. Like sharks are reputed to be able to smell blood afar off, Olamiti was an editor reputed to be able to smell lead stories even from narratives of his reporters. As Executive Director, Publications in 1999, Olamiti was the one who pioneered the art of selling columnists to the world via their names. He canvassed that the names of the columnists should be bolder than what the column’s appellation was.

Olamiti would attend his subordinates’ events, no matter how far-flung the places they held them was. He didn’t evoke fear in the hearts of his subordinates but an avuncular image of a boss, brother and father figure who could be related with and walked up to.

Here is wishing my boss in the Tribune newspaper a happy 70th birthday.

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