Tiwa Savage’s Cry for Help

Tiwa Savage

“Some people will be happy when I am no more.” Tiwa Savage.

By Ena Ofugara

Those close to Tiwa should be around her at all times. Her post is a clear CRY FOR HELP. Tiwa referencing her dad’s death is having SUICIDAL IDEATION at this time.

She should not be left alone or near any poisonous material that she can ingest. While men favour guns for suicide, women favour medications and things one can swallow. All pill bottles, especially “sleeping” and “pain” pills should be kept from her. She should also not be allowed to drive herself.

Ropes and twines and knives should also be removed from near her.

Human beings are evil and wicked, especially ones who worship any type of God, be it the Muslim or Christian God. They force their morality and beliefs and religions on others and want to see people PUNISHED for mistakes that they themselves would pray to be forgiven for.
Yes, one mistake is enough for them to want a life ruined. They are above mistakes
If you are close to Tiwa Savage, tell her there are more people who love her than there are hypocrits.
Show her love at this time and DO NOT LEAVE HER ALONE BY HERSELF.
And yes, I studied this and I am studying this in school.
The way people, especially Nigerians act over sex, one would think their father and mother did not do it.
You are a product of that exercise.
Are husbands and wives using all these condoms? We too pretend in Nigeria
We drink the most beer
Most of our local medicines are for erection. Cars are parked at Ring Road in Benin with speakers selling MANPOWER/Burantashi etc.
Kasaprenko and normal drinks in Nigeria now have same ingredients as viagra and cyalis.
Yet, once we hear about sex, we act like we are all virgins. Even people that have used all the uncompleted building in their street for sex that year will be forming Mountain of Fire.

Ena Ofugara

Thank God the Bible sees through all of us: “who is righteous? No not one” Romans 3:10, Psalm 14: 1-3.
Let us learn to forgive people for their mistakes, that we too might be forgiven if and when our darkest sins become known.
Can you confidently share the contents of your inbox and phone and browser history?
Only criminals are the blackmailers and ones sharing the video. No. Her private moments filmed is her right.
You empower the blackmailer and phone hacks when you join to destroy Tiwa Savage. Remember, there are things about you, maybe not a sex tape, but there are things about you online or in your phone or in the clouds you do not want people to see.
The only CRIMINAL in all this is a certain blackmailer and the evilness of putting out something that could possibly lead to suicide and destruction of the victim
And you for sharing the video and aiding and abetting a blackmailer. (okay that is a legal stretch but….)
Remember, today it is Tiwa, tomorrow, it will be all your financial details or other personal details that a phone hacker will put out there.
Then we will all join to pontificate and say how and why you should not have kept your briefcase in your bedroom as armed robbers can come and open it at anytime.

*Ena Ofugara, writer, lawyer, and public affairs analyst, writes from Houston, Texas.