North vs South

North vs South

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 2:00 pm


Northern governors meeting

By Fred Chukwuelobe

I like the communique of Northern governors after their enlarged meeting.

I like that powerful traditional rulers also attended.

I like that they have told us pointedly that power is not going to rotate between the North and South.

I like that, before that, one of them told us that they have the votes to produce the next president and that if they do that heavens won’t fall.

I like it because it will drum some sense into the South.

I like it because it tells the Yoruba and Igbo that they don’t determine what happens in this country.

Yoruba see Igbo as their enemies. Igbo see Yoruba as their major challengers.

I remind Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who told the Igbo in the last general elections that they cannot be trusted. Her husband trusted the North.

Let’s watch, wait and see.

Buoyed by their support, the president has put the North effectively in charge of this country.

I like the fight over VAT.

It’s at the Supreme Court. But let me bet you, the South will lose it.

Not because they don’t have enough grounds to canvas that they be allowed to collect it, but because the North took their time to gerrymander this country to their advantage while the Yoruba and Igbo bickered, hated themselves and acquiesced.

They have taken over all arms of government.

They are not just in government, they are the government.

They understand politics.

Middle Belt cannot be part of the South. Forget it. No matter the maltreatment, they regard themselves as Northerners. They are Northerners.

We make noise and speak big grammar, appearing on television to talk.

They meet and decide how far our big grammar can go.

We think they are fools and unintelligent.

They think we are fools and arrogant.

Today, we know better, I hope.

So, if we have sense, as we claim, time to wake up is now!

The North does not care.

We should care.

*Fred Chekwuelobe is a journalist, public relations consultant

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