Boko Haram fighters kill many ISWAP terrorists in Lake Chad- Report

Boko Haram fighters: Kill ISWAP fighters in Lake Chad region

Fighters of Boko Haram have killed dozens of their counterparts in the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) in retaliation for killing of one Ameer Abubakar Dogo Daawa in brutal reprisal attacks at the Lake Chad axis.

Dawaa as reported by PRNigeria is a top commander of Boko Haram, fighters of the later sect have launched

According to PRNigeria, ISWAP jihadists, led by one Commander Modou Bashir Okocha had killed Daawa, a Boko Haram Commander under the late Shekau, in an ambush in Sambisa forest, recently.

Provoked by the killing of Daawa, Boko Haram fighters loyal to Bacoura Buduma launched a major reprisal attack against ISWAP, to avenge the death of their slain Commander, it was learnt.

Quoting credible sources, PRNigeria reports that with the appointment of Fiya Bakoura Salaba and Bakoura Doro as new Commanders at Toumboun Gajimi, the Bakoura Buduma-led Boko Haram faction is now out for major confrontations with ISWAP in the Lake Chad axis.

One of the sources said that the Boko Haram faction mobilised a large number of their fighters in the latest reprisal attacks on ISWAP.

The source said: The Boko Haram fighters congregated with their Commanders, Amirs and Khaid (Chiefs) in Lelewa, Duwa, Wallal and Hauwa Bulumwa villages in the axis of Niger Republic before attacking ISWAP major camps.

“The Boko Haram militants launched the attack from Kaduna Ruwa and Kaiga, where it massively eliminated ISWAP terrorists in a silent Operation and seized many of their arms and ammunition.

“At about 1900 hours, it dislodged and dominated Tumbun Ali, Kaduna Ruwa, Mardas and Kahuram, all major camps of ISWAP, killing large scores of high-valued fighters, commanders and their bodyguards, while many others were seriously injured,” said the source.

He added that the Boko Haram fighters were currently battling with the ISWAP elements at Kirta, and Wulgo communities in Marte local government of Borno State.