Pastor Kumuyi and the Limousine Ride

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi at the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, Abuja

By Sunday Oguntola

I have read comments dissing Pastor Williams Kumuyi for riding in this luxury car during a recent ministration in Abuja. Some said he has failed the faith by accepting the offer of the ride. Others said he preached against such open display of opulence in the early years of Deeper Life Bible Church.

If there is one man who deserves this treat, it is Pastor Kumuyi. Critics should give him a break. Thia man has been consistent for over 40 years in public ministry without blemish.

The car

Would you rather be happy to see him in a Limousine during his funeral? We should learn to celebrate legends and fathers of faith while they are alive.

As long as you cannot prove he stole money or diverted anything to do this but some of his disciples did this for him, then you should hold your peace.

I understand some sentiments that Christianity is synonymous with poverty but it is not. Jesus only asked us to be modest and contented. If this is not modesty, then I wonder what it is.

Kudos to Deeper Life brethren who did this for Papa, a man I have observed for over 25 years without a dent of ignominy. They won’t lose their reward. Papa deserves all the treat and much more. Critics are free to continue running commentaries.

*Sunday Oguntola is a journalist and public affairs analyst