OF K1 and Bobrisky: The hypocrisy


Folorunsho Fatai Adisa
I am no fan of Bobrisky. I neither follow him nor know much about him. Aside from the fact that I know s/he is the poster person for cross-dressing in Nigeria, I don’t know any other thing about him.
Incontrovertibly, ours is a society that is predicated on morality— even though the morality, oftentimes, is steeped in hypocrisy— I am an advocate of “LIVE AND LET’S LIVE”. I don’t condemn people for what they do as long as it is within the frame of legality and they find happiness in it. However, you can never force your beliefs, principles or your way of life among other things on me— I wouldn’t too.
Visibly, I am an unrepentant fanatic of K1. I love his song. I love his style too. In the last few days, a number of people have been condemning him for playing at Bob’s birthday party. I find it laughable at best and groundless at worst.
Why pillory him? K1 is a thoroughbred professional and he did what he was paid to do. He sings. Someone needed his service, the person paid and he played and you are condemning him? Indeed, humans and hypocrisy are synonymous to the binder’s twins.
Let’s close the argument with an analogy. As a mechanic, would you say because you are a committed Christian/Muslim you wouldn’t repair a babalawo’s car, bearing in mind that he got his money from the gods— intermediary between the gods and his clients— and your religion is against any form of relationship with the gods?