BBNaija eviction: Why Maria, Pere, Queen, Cross, Sammie, JMK were nominated, their chances of survival

BBNaija: Maria, Pere, Queen, Cross, Sammie and JMK nominated for eviction

By Nehru Odeh

The housemates have indeed made a huge statement with the nomination of Maria, Pere, Queen, Cross, Sammie and JMK for eviction. While the first four housemates and Peace were originally nominated, Liquorose, the new Head of House, made use of her veto power to save Peace and replace her with JMK.

Still, one thing that we can deduce from the names nominated for possible eviction come next Sunday is that the housemates have bared their fangs, separated the wheat from the chaff and taken their own pound of flesh.

Here are the reasons they were nominated

Maria and Pere

One lesson that the nomination has taught us is that the housemates as well as fans never forget. They may forgive, but they never forget.  It was only a matter of time before Maria and Pere were nominated for eviction at the same time.

Since when the housemates realized that the duo were the wildcards, they had been bidding their time, waiting for the opportunity to have their pound of flesh and strike at the right time. And the right time came when neither Maria nor Pere were the Head of House or the deputy Head of House. That meant the wildcards could not save each other either by making the other their deputy or making use of the veto power to save each other.

Their chances of survival

While Maria has been able to worm her way into the hearts of the housemates, Pere hasn’t been able. Rather he has alienated himself the more by his dictatorial tendencies while he was Head of House and his continual confrontation with Whitemoney. The housemates and many BBNaija fans never hid their displeasure at the way he treated Whitemoney.

While Maria might survive, the possibility of Pere surviving is very slim. He is a veritable candidate for eviction come Sunday.

Queen and JMK

Queen and JMK are two of the four housemates that later joined the others in the third week. However, since the time they moved into the house, they haven’t been able to form strong bonds with the others. And they haven’t been able to network and form alliances or be part of cliques. Queen on her part has been very confrontational. Just one week in the house, she has fought with Maria and Angel and has shown that she is not circumspect and diplomatic. Things like this have a way of hurting one. Neither of them has built a huge fan base.

I don’t see both of them surviving. It is either one leaves come Sunday or both.

Sammie and Cross

Cross has a better chance of survival than Sammie. Cross has been able to play his game very well in the house. Not only has he built a very huge fan base, he has formed strong bonds with some of the housemates. Sammie, on his part, has not. Rather he is too flighty and hasn’t been able to maintain a strong, long-lasting bond with any of the housemates. His relationship with Angel didn’t stand the test of time.

Sammie has very slim chance come Sunday, though he might survive.

* However, this is just an opinion.  It is not final. Since human behaviour is not predictable, anything could happen. That is why there are extraneous variables, which may come into play come Sunday.