5G Deployment in Nigeria

5G Deployment in Nigeria

Monday, August 23, 2021 9:53 pm

5G deployment. Pixabay

5G is short for the Fifth Generation of wireless communication. It means it’s developing over the previous 3G and 4G. 5G networks can provide much faster connectivity. It can speed up technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In 2019, Nigeria spearheaded 5G’s network trials in West Africa. Still, the deployment of this technology was slow in the Sub-Saharan countries. What can Nigerians expect from the 5G deployment in the country?

The Faster, the Better

Fast connectivity has some apparent benefits. You can open or refresh a page with a blink of an eye. Your videos stream smoothly, regardless of how heavy they are. Gamers are particularly enthusiastic about fast internet, online games and gambling. The better connectivity means games and streams will load faster and we can say goodbye to buffering and poor quality graphics while football betting, watching live sports events or watching replays of elements of the event.

However, fast internet has more profound impacts. It can improve governance and also allow the use of more complex technology, IoT and AI. Some industries combine both technologies under the umbrella term “Computer-Aided Facility Management” (CAFM). Experts believe those technologies are the basis for building smart cities in the future.

Legal Debates

The Nigerian Senate has approved the technology after two trials conducted by Ericsson and MTN in 2019. The decision came after a stream of rollbacks, with alleged concerns about health and safety issues.

A Joint Committee was formed to analyse the issue and dispel conspiracy theories. This Committee is also following the changes brought by it among the Nigerian people.

The NigComSat (Nigerian Communication Satellite) is already working on allocating 5G on the best bandwidth. The implementation effort will include the relocation of a satellite. The first stage of the deployment is expected to start by the end of 2021. According to a report from Ericsson Mobility, the number of users should increase considerably by 2022.

Advancements Around the Continent

Nigeria was the first African country to test 5G but wasn’t the first to implement it. South Africa is the first one, where Vodacom and MTN implemented it in 2019. Kenya came in second place last April. In Kenya, 5G was implemented using Nokia and Huawei simultaneously.

While 5G isn’t widely available yet, more African countries are joining the trials. Telecoms in Morocco, Egypt, Gabon, Uganda, and Lesotho are already conducting preliminary conduction tests. Still, the widespread adoption of 5G might take more time.


The 5G technology marks a considerable advancement in connectivity technology. Some experts even say it’ll be the motor of the fourth industrial revolution. It means that many places can’t even support it yet. While several countries are still gearing up for the task, others haven’t even started yet.

Not so many mobile devices support this technology, for instance. Some of the newest ones come with 5G already, but prices aren’t that accessible yet. It’s also noteworthy that 3G and 4G technologies only became mainstream in 2019.




5G deployment. Pixaday



5G is really set to change the tech world. It offers small conveniences like accessing pages or gaming faster. However, the fundamental contributions to society are yet to be understood. It allows the exchange of massive volumes of data. It can spearhead advancements in medical surgeries, automated cars, and much more.


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What Is 5G?

The name stands for Fifth Generation. It means it’s a development of the other wireless technologies, 3G and 4G. It provides a much faster connection, not only between human users but also between machines.

Does 5G Pose Any Risks to Our Health?

Absolutely not. The kind of radiation transmitted by this technology isn’t harmful to humans. Its possible ‘connection’ with the pandemic is no more than a hoax.

How Better Than the Previous Generations Is It?

4G is already 500 times faster than 3G. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G. Besides, 5G also has a reduced latency rate, meaning that data travels faster from one point to another.

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