Igboho: Lawyer sends message to supporters on Monday’s court appearance

Sunday Igboho: to return to court in Cotonou, Benin Republic on Monday

Sunday Igboho, now in detention in Republic of Benin:

The fate of Sunday Igboho, Yoruba nation agitator  currently in detention in Benin Republic will be known at the end court sitting in Cotonou on Monday, his lawyer, Ibrahim David Salami has said.

He, however warned supporters of Igboho to keep off the court premises.

The lawyer lamented that supporters of the agitator flooded the court premises and were unruly during the last hearing on Thursday.

“Last Thursday, many Yoruba people from Nigeria and Benin Republic were in court, moving about. That is not good.

“They should stay at home, be patient and continue praying for us. Let’s lawyers do their work. They should not disturb us.

The lawyer added that such unruly behaviour at the court premises will not help Igboho’s case.

“If the person we are trying to help is accused of causing disturbance and they too are coming to court to cause disturbance, that will not help the case of Igboho. Let everybody stay at home and pray for us.”

The lawyer who spoke in an interview with BBC Yoruba Service said the prosecutor has already filed charges against Igboho.

He said going by the judicial system in Benin, another court will consider the charges, while another will pronounce judgment on the accused.

Salami said the process  can be concluded on Monday.

“We will go back to court on Monday. Before the end of Monday, we will know if the Beninese government will detain him or allow him to go. We will know on Monday.”