BBnaija: The great distraction is here again

BBnaija: The great distraction is here again

Sunday, July 25, 2021 3:00 pm

BBnaija 2021

By Steve Aborisade

A season of peaceful coexistence irrespective of the situation. All thanks to BBnaija which has all eyes glued to nothing really, but gossips falling from issues of libido, the cravings for it or how much cleavages are being exposed by few adults(male and female) made to live imaginary lives devoid of the tensions of the real world, oblivious of happenings beyond the walls of their encampment, with the sole aim of winning a prize through getting each other’s sexual and romantic attention and, plotting from being evicted from the fairytale fantasy.

Then a new set of seasonal celebrities who are as good as the limited demands that produced them. But no one can deny that this show is here to stay until Nija begins to function properly. Even government won’t ban it, as is being demanded in certain quarters for being ‘morally lax’.

The BBnaija distraction is actually a welcome development to the misrule and resultant youthful restlessness. But we must acknowledge the economic fallout of the show on some Nigerians (bloggers, youtubers, artists/other creatives, media, etc) and the housemates who are taken off the labour market for the duration of the show and given opportunities to thrive afterwards from acquiring star power.

Kudos to Multichoice for creating something out of nothing and, sustaining it with a perfect answer to our attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that has ensured we can’t focus on anything of value outside what we find dramatic or amusing.

Combined with the broadcast of the Olympics and the football leagues, expect increased impunity from every sector of our nation as there would be little interest to the issues from the ‘restless’ population who are in the majority or the general population who have mostly resigned to faith. Let me save some money to vote for my favourite housemates!

*Steve Aborisade is a public affairs analyst

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