Sunset for the Sultan of Sound

Sound Sultan

By Olufunke Cole

The death of Lanre Fasasi aka Sound Sultan, has cast a pall of gloom on the music industry and by extension, the entire entertainment industry in Nigeria. Ajo ò lè dà bí ilé crooner bid farewell to motherland today after he lost a battle to a protracted disease in the faraway United States. Sound Sultan was an enigma whose artistic skills shone brilliantly like a galaxy of stars. The music maestro is considered a bundle of talents for his versatility. He was a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, comedian, and recording artist, all these talents he acted out with aplomb. Sound Sultan was considered as an entertainer with a mild-mannered mien which reflected in his composure and charisma.

His first appearance on a comedy show stimulated the interests of his fans about what was to come afterwards from this dashingly cool gentleman. Any wonder, it’s not a surprise with his first debut album, mathematics, which depicted a combination of flavoured sonorous voice on a historical illustration of our past and political leanings. Such was the case with jagbanjatis that defied a mathematical calculus to function theoretically.

A multi-talented man of many parts ranging from comedy, drama and music, couldn’t get tired of appearing effortlessly on the entertainment scene. His was a sound whose lyrical sounds, rocked the country’s space with his strings rhythmically. Sadly many of his fans couldn’t get the best out of this gentleman who graced our musical scene with such topnotch creative skills. He was such an admirable personality who will be sorely missed. Of a truth, his lyrics have inspired a generation, and thus far endured throughout the years. If one looks at his many other albums, especially Motherland, which speaks to our very existence as embracing a true African culture, the music maestro will be put in the league of music revolutionaries who have changed the world with the power of their songs. His songs were culturally presented to project the dynamics of political calculus present in our systemic structure. What a sad way to say goodbye! We take solace in the fact that he has left behind an amazing legacy and indelible footprints on the sound of time. Rest in Power, King of Sound.
Rest peacefully, Sultan of Sound!

*Olufunke Cole, a PhD student, writes from the Department of History, University of Lagos