Chance government shouldn’t miss: Like Kanu, go after bandits

Chance government shouldn’t miss: Like Kanu, go after bandits

Saturday, July 3, 2021 4:11 pm


File photo: Sheikh Gumi (in white robe) meets some Bandits

Federal Government of Nigeria, Bandits, Nnamdi Kanu,

By Tony Black Enebeli

Govt has a golden opportunity now, to prove wrong, persons who acuse it of biase, with Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and impending prosecution.
O yes, govt cannot afford to miss this chance to correct luxuriating wrong perceptions of its unwillingness to be neutral; it should simply apprehend all known leaders of insurgents and terrorist groups and subject Nnamdi Kanu and such leaders of subversive groups to the same prosecutorial treatment under the law.

Tony Enebeli

This is very important because Its strange how govt arithemetic adds up. Think of it this way: you arrest Nnamdi Kanu after chasing him about the world with incredible zeal. But, although, you are not ignorant of the meeting venues of Sheik Gumi with those whose activities truly define terrorism and subversion, you cannot apprehend their leaders; leaders of Boko haram, bandits, herdsmen, including Mayetti Allah leadership, that throng Aso Rock daily.
Of course you know that cannot be mere dishonesty. It is witchcraft because it is deliberate.
Therefore, govt, should just do the RIGHT thing; apprehend the leadership of all law breakers terrorizing Nigerian citizens and let the law deal with them accordingly.
It called equity
It suits frailed nerves and promotes harmony.

-Tony Black Enebeli is a journalist and media consultant

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