Anambra, to the Ubah brothers, still remains “a lawless fiefdom”

Anambra, to the Ubah brothers, still remains “a lawless fiefdom”

Sunday, June 27, 2021 5:00 pm

Andy Ubah, right, and Ugochukwu Ubah


By Fred Chukwulobe

Imagine Andy Ubah and Ugochukwu Ubah, as candidates for governorship!

Ndi Anambra must do everything possible to ensure Nnamdi Emmanuel Ubah, known as Andy Ubah, and Dr. Ugochukwu Ubah, do not get votes outside Uga.

This (Andy) is a man who, along with his brothers, Eselu and Ugochukwu, made Anambra “a lawless fiefdom”, according to late icon, Prof. Chinualumuogu Achebe.

He must not get power back beyond going to the Senate where he warmed the seat of Anambra South. Eselu of the notorious Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) must not be allowed access to our treasury.

Let’s we forget:

“Achebe, the internationally acclaimed author of novels including Things Fall Apart and Anthills of the Savannah, laid out the thinking behind rejecting the 2004 honour in a letter to then president Olusegun Obasanjo at the time, explaining that “for some time now I have watched events in Nigeria with alarm and dismay.

Chinua Achebe.

“I have watched particularly the chaos in my own state of Anambra where a small clique of renegades, openly boasting its connections in high places, seems determined to turn my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom. I am appalled by the brazenness of this clique and the silence, if not connivance, of the Presidency,” he wrote.

“Forty-three years ago, at the first anniversary of Nigeria’s independence I was given the first Nigerian National Trophy for Literature. In 1979, I received two further honours – the Nigerian National Order of Merit and the Order of the Federal Republic – and in 1999 the first National Creativity Award. I accepted all these honours fully aware that Nigeria was not perfect; but I had a strong belief that we would outgrow our shortcomings under leaders committed to uniting our diverse peoples. Nigeria’s condition today under your watch is, however, too dangerous for silence. I must register my disappointment and protest by declining to accept the high honour awarded me in the 2004 Honours List.”

Olusegun Obasanjo

These were the contents of the letter Achebe wrote to former president Olusegun Obasanjo who Andy Ubah served as domestic servant and on which position he was literally the Vice president. What did he use it to do for Anambra State? Absolutely nothing!

He got into Agu Awka and stayed for two weeks as “His Excellency”. Now he wants to return.

God forbid it!

*Fred Chukwulobe is a journalist and PR consultant

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