Side Chic, Onídùúró Mi, The Chidinmas, and Atagas of Nigeria

Side Chic, Onídùúró Mi, The Chidinmas, and Atagas of Nigeria

Saturday, June 26, 2021 9:30 am

Michael Usifo Ataga and Chidinma


By Yahaya Balogun

With a sad comic, a “Side Chic” who allegedly killed the Onídùúró or a man of infidelity for other “Side Chics” in Nigeria is presumptively guilty of naughty public denial and self-immolation. In their cocoon and room 69, they both yearned and intertwined in the orgy of love, lust, and loss! Onídùúró àwọn Chics made lullaby and financial inducement to Ada’s dangerous and loitering ears. Ada listened with a luscious mind to Ataga’s lustful gestures. Michael eagerly tamed her to satisfy his infidelity and adulterous affairs. As weaker and strong sexes, Ada and Ataga both gelled to gusto sex that resulted in the mortality of the strong partner in crime.

In a nutshell, even before Chidinma imminently gets ducked for her consensual sexual crime in a court of competent jurisdiction, Chidinma and Ataga are poignantly already in the court of cyborgs rueful opinions. Chidinma and Ataga’s story is a case of association of pretentious black pots calling the kettles (Romeo and Juliet) black. Nigerian society’s integers are a function of its leaders and followers. Nigeria needs sincere prayers, right NOW!

Today, out of my innocent and rueful curiosity, I posed a damning question to Google search about Nigeria, and the question goes thus: “Is Nigeria a dangerous country?” The stunning answer Google replied to me was terrifyingly concerning. Millions of people who are foreign investors and tourists must have googled this same question more than a million times and got the same terrifying answer. Without being prematurely judgemental, we are all losers in the pathetic story of Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu. There are so many ugly stories begging to be unearthed in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, let our leaders and everyone morally google their minds to bring out Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu and Michael Usifo Ataga’s iniquities. Our beloved country-Nigeria is under a spiritual spell, moral, and human attacks. In Nigeria, birds don’t chirp like birds. Mice don’t squeak like mice. Gnomes (iwin) in the forests of a thousand demons of Nigeria don’t weep like gnomes (iwin). Human beings don’t cry like human beings. A rainstorm of blessings has ceased to shower on a nation that once dwelled in peace and prosperity. Let’s sincerely pray!

In, all in all, Ada and Michael’s story of sexual orgies has again brought to fore the sickening society and the rambunctious behavior of cyborgs in zukersville. If Nigerians collectively continue to paddle in their current drifting canoe, we are all jinxed—and we will continue to witness and hear the replication of Chidinma and Michael’s awful story. The tragic story of the unfortunate “lovercobras” isn’t an isolated incident. If you know, you know. It’s only what you see or know that you know or see.

How did we get to where we are today? Our stories as a nation are not by happenstance. It is a cumulative effect of our collective depravity. What are we collectively doing wrong that offends Almighty God and gods? “Setting foot on the moon may be a small step for a man but a giant step for mankind.” Every one of us needs to ruminate over the antithesis of the quoted statement above. All Nigerians need to be morally rearmed. Every little act of decency and morality is a big deal in the long run for any society yearning for moral rearmament. Our world in Nigeria is a big bang mess….! We must act fast to redeem a seemingly irredeemable country on a dangerous road to perfidy. Chidinma and Michael’s story is a microcosm of the pervading iniquities of our beleaguered clime. It’s very sad and concerning.

Yahaya Balogun wrote this piece from Arizona, USA.

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