Revealed: Umar Mohammed, the 60-year-old transporter of rifles, ammunition for kidnappers (+photos)

60 -year- old Umaru Mohammed arrested for Conveying Rifles and Ammunition to Bandits/Kidnappers along the Highways all across the North and Southwest ( See more photos below)

Umaru Mohammed, a 60 year -old man was among the suspects paraded by the police on Wednesday in Abuja over cases of kidnappings going on in various parts of the country.
While parading the suspect, Frank Mba, spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force said the 60-year -old and members of his gang were not involved in direct kidnapping.
But they facilitated the crime by acting as ‘logistic manager’ for kidnappers.
According to him, Umar was a key transporter of rifles and ammunition to bandits/kidnappers operating along the highways across the Northern and Southwest parts of the country.
He transported the guns hidden in a specially devised compartment in his car and was able to deceive security operatives before he was eventually busted.
Abba Kyari, the head of Police Intelligence Response Team, IRT in a Facebook post on Saturday evening revealed that Umaru collects N200, 000 from the kidnappers/bandits as fee for conveying the rifles to the kidnapping point along the highways.
He will go back days later to collect the rifles after the kidnappings and ransom collections for another fee of N200,00.
The sexagenarian said security agents don’t suspect him along the highways because of his old age.

Umaru Mohammed showing how he hide rifles and ammunition being transported to bandits/kidnappers along the highways all across the North and Southwest part of the country


Umaru and members of his gang


Umaru and some of his rifles