Police permission not needed for protests – CP Odumosu

Hakeem Odumosu:

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, on Saturday said Nigerians do not need the permission of police to embark on any protest.

Odumosu spoke on Saturday while addressing  June 12 Democracy Day protesters at the Freedom Park axis of Ojota, Lagos.

According to the police chief, protest is a fundamental human right and as such, protesters had no need to take permission for organising a protest.

“When I heard about the ongoing protest, I had to come to the ground myself and talk to the officers around and assure protesters of safety. I have instructed the policemen not to go close to the protesters and ensure they are protecting them.

“There is no announcement of lockdown across Lagos state. We heard such on social media yesterday and we issued a press release assuring Lagos residents to go about their usual business activities without any form of interruption. Those who created that law for themselves did that to create fears in the mind of people. Today, I have gone round Lagos and I saw business activities ongoing and peacefully. There is no curfew. The only curfew we are enforcing is from 12 midnight to 4:00am which is for Covid-19.

“I am the happiest person because there is a peaceful protest. Once there is any problem, my mind will no longer be at rest. The protest is ongoing peacefully and people are exercising their rights which was why I instructed the policemen to ensure maximum security.

“While the protest was ongoing, I was told some people came here to disrupt the protest claiming Ojota is their land, we as policemen need to be proactive. Nobody was arrested and those that were arrested have been released. Nobody is in the police custody as far as this protest is concerned. As peaceful as the people want the protest to be, the police will remain with them”.

“My appeal is, whenever any rally or protest is scheduled, the state government should be informed so that safe places like the Freedom Park will be opened for peaceful protest. It is also very important that the Commissioner of Police is informed for maximum security,” he said.

CP Odumosu however condemned the blocking of roads with woods and tyres which resulted in traffic gridlock in the area.

“It is our duty to ensure that the protesters are protected. Few hours ago, the roads were blocked and those coming to Lagos couldn’t come in. The protesters blocked the roads with woods and tyres and we have realised that anything that happens in Lagos goes a long way to the whole country.

“Petrol tankers were stuck in traffic. Petroleum is inflammable and anything could happen. That was why we liberated the routes for easy flow of movement. Everyone has the right to protest because it’s their fundamental human right. No one needs the permission of the police to protest but the police needs to be informed so that adequate security and protection can be assured.