Reminiscences…OAU alumni relive campus days in new compendium



Alumni relive campus days in new compendium

As the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife prepares to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, one unique feature in the line up of activities to commemorate the historic occasion is the unveiling of a special publication entitled ‘Great Ife- Reminiscences of eminent alumni of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife’.
The compendium which features experiences of old students of the institution drawn from across the generations boasts to be a pioneer in its genre in the country, promises to rekindle in everyone who attended the institution of those days when students, mostly in their youthful years lived with almost carefree abandon, having fun in between serious studies, thinking big of every imaginable future, leaving little room for disappointments and even possible regrets lurking ahead!
Justifying its claim to the pioneering status in the history of tertiary institutions, at least in Nigeria, of such magnitude, Reminiscences goes beyond the mere compilation of bio data of subscribers, that is, not just listing of names, date of birth, matriculation number, course of studies, year of graduation etc. This book puts in the hands of readers, stories by the contributors revealing that unique experiences in their days on campus, written in their own words and peculiar ways. Readers would be able to see in a nutshell what experiences have contributed to the making of many of today’s leaders and top flight professionals in various fields.
It will refresh individuals who may have shared similar experiences either at Ife or other institutions of higher learning as there are many similarities in the ways young men and women perceive issues in their formative years irrespective of generations and heterogeneous backgrounds.
Those unifying lingos, banter and respective memories are the strong selling point of the book, a project in which the Worldwide Alumni body is partnering Diaspora Media Ltd, the owner of this initiative.