Garba Shehu: Buhari not opposed to open grazing ban


Garba Shehu


Malam Garba Shehu, one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesmen, has been a target of attacks since he made public a press statement, condemning the ban on open grazing by Southern governors in Asaba, Delta State, waving off the move as unconstitutional.
However, Shehu has made another statement in order to correct the negative optics. Perception in politics is key!

Shehu told Arise New: “The president wants to see an end to open grazing; he wants to see ranching; but he wants it in a way that’s organised and he has a plan for it and the plan will take off in June.”

According to him, all the ongoing attacks on the president are from people “who are in the mood for a public fight.”

He said states that were able to meet the minimum requirements would be encouraged to embark on ranching, and expressed optimism that those opposed to ranching will change their minds when it becomes fully functional.

Shehu said the president viewed open grazing as old-fashioned and was looking forward to a replacement for the medieval practice.
But he reiterated that banning open grazing without an alternative is not a good approach to the issue.
He said the president was worried about the crisis generated by the matter, adding that the generalisation of every herder as criminals is not the right thing to do.