India and the Covid19 Cremations: The Nigerian Warning

Covid-19 deaths and cremation in India


By Ena Ofugara

My view on religion and us who believe in a God took a big hit during the Trump politics and Covid19. Aside Islam that acted with sense, Christianity (Evangelical) and Hindu and many others have shown that many of them keep their brain in their arssses and lose a little down the toilet whenever they take a shit.

How a person who says they hear from VISHNU (Hindu Supreme God, or at least one of the many) or worship him or her and does not get the knowledge that Covid19 is deadly and to do the things needed to keep
people safe….. oh well. Religion is supposed to make people not think, but BELIEVE. Believe that COVID19 does not exist. Okay!

And for Nigeria, even father Mbaka agrees “God saved Nigeria”. How our death does not look like India and worse, (at least India has hospitals and handle their dead body by cremation, thus helping stop spread of diseases as burning is best for diseased corpse) is something that will baffle scientists till Kingdom come. My only FEAR is that India’s own pandemic levels of Covid19 has been delayed and only happening now. May it not be that Africa’s is being delayed or the disease is mutating.

No one is saying do not live your lives, but do not go jumping in pools and… just be safe.

And it is your duty to disobey religious leaders and religions that are so blind, they do not see the deaths just because it has not killed anyone in their family.

– Ena Ofugara, lawyer and health worker, writes from Houston, Texas.