Sunday Igboho and the “Aó M’érin Jọba” Syndrome

Sunday Igboho and the “Aó M’érin Jọba” Syndrome

Monday, May 10, 2021 2:00 am

Sunday Igboho’s, left



By Odolaye Aremu

I called this matter several months ago. Not to brag about anything but there’s nothing encouraging about his incoherent noise anyway.

And I am not in a position to begrudge those that thought better of him. For I clearly understood the hopelessness, the desperation and how we all felt at the time. I understand still.

But veritable leaders are seldom chosen in the heat of the moment, in a casino, beer parlor and definitely not under the firmament of adrenaline rush. Emotionalism, Sentimentalism – are some of the most wrong indices under which long, lasting decisions are ever made.

I don’t know where we are going as a race. And I am not going to pretend that I have a divine ability to see beyond my own nose. I pray that the Yorùbánation gains the smarts to stop jumping into any vehicle with a colorful exterior but with a definitely faulty interior. It is ridiculously sad!

I hope this serves as a lesson to us all.

As for Sunday Igboho – he is the man suffering from profound hard of hearing – the last person to know the music has stopped hours ago. The party has ended. But he remains the only one on the floor tangoing with his shadow.

If he must do damage to anyone now – I advise he should direct his full wrath in the direction of the Koiki guy. Koiki – the weasel, the senseless hypeman that kept lying to him that the party was still in full blast. He gorged the ego of his own beloved ‘leader’ to death! He aspirated on his own loud noise. He choked to death on his own self-importance.

It is that “Aó M’érin Jọba” syndrome again!

-Odolaye Aremu is a public affairs analyst

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