Burna Boy talks about his forthcoming album,  pain, suffering, fans react

Burna Boy: says his forthcoming album, would be about his pains, sufferings and his past

By Nehru Odeh

Grammy award-winner, Burna Boy, sees himself as an outsider. Still basking in the glow of his Grammy win, he has taken to Twitter to hint at his forthcoming album, which according to him would be about his pains, sufferings and past. “I need you to hear about the pain in my voice,” he tweeted.

Though he didn’t say what the title of the forthcoming album would be or the date of release, he came short of saying the title would be: Outsider.

He gave the hint in two separate tweets.

“This next album. I need you to hear the pain in my voice, The pain of an OUTSIDER, Forever marked by my skin ,my past and the place I come from. No matter how skilled I am or how honourable I proved myself.”

“I forever suffer. The full eyed masses hatred of anything they do not understand. I embraced my pain and turned it into the greatest weapon this world will ever know.”

This recent overflow of powerful feelings is not coming as a surprise. The Grammy award-winner has always seen himself as an outsider, as someone from the fringe, as someone the fans misunderstand because of the attacks he had received on his journey to the top. Not only has he sung about the hate he had received in the past,  his music is filled with hints about his pains, suffering and the fact that he was never given the recognition he deserved in the past.

However, no sooner had he tweeted than they generated mixed reactions from fans. Here are some of the reactions:


You dey song bro, but your pride make me hate you ajeh, and no they do competition with pesin wey get pass u thanks.


Abeg just sing good music forget all this long story smh.


This is funny.

This next album is evidently not for Nigerians because your skin never sets you apart as an OUTSIDER in Nigeria


I really hope you sing about the pain of collecting money from politicians

Smirking face


Fake activism don wan start again

Rest Audiogwu


at this rate, papa ify would surely be begging for a feature. But deny him that privilege sha till he does the needful.


Lots of people misunderstanding the post. I think the theme of the album is how Africans hated Africans are  just cos of our skin, past and the place we come from. Our skill or honour is ignored. Burna is the voice of Africa


Thanks.  I think people misunderstands his concept, Burna na fela upgrade


No drop am now Sha

Made in Lagos dey swallow anything


Make im know oo


After good better best make @davido

better rest e don do


Which pain when you have millions on your jewelry as claimed you know how many people from your village still finding it hard to feed


king of cruise


Did u just put d word honor in ur tweet

Bros honor far 4rm u


Stop talking like the product of a torn condom


king of cruise


I can supply Koboko and also help in causing the pain, at a cheap price

Palms up together


Lend your voice for the total dissolution of this shame and nightmare called one Nigeria,

Only through that you will regain that confidence and sense of ownership cos we are  suppose to be the world.


Guy you want kill BB career?

No carry Naija issue near BB abeg


Dropping album has become a must for him on yearly basis. That Atlantic label gonne milk him dry lol


save the shit


Brotherly keep hitting the world with your music and tell of how we Africans are being oppressed, intimated. Let your voice go higher and higher more grace and longer life then all other musical prophet of old. Salute BURNA


Burna you no give us date ooo


Album wey don finish since last year


Man would conjure fantasies of hatred and make album.

Unsuspecting people would buy in their droves…

Man would go and collect jeep and money from politicians that are stealing from people.


Grammy Lord

No weapon Fashioned against you shall Prosper


People who always play the victim card are the most toxic. A lot of people have been victimised by this fella, but he’s always quick to play one. Oga pipe down and change your attitude


See you wey your character good pass Jesus own


Being listening and watching ur old music  video ( yawa ) menn , thanks to God that u didn’t give up because give up nor join…E don spoil


I always feel you and your beautiful stories! I don’t stan nonsense!!!!!


Oya where the Album dey!! I no fit wait odogwu.


I love you Buena from my childhood been understand your music even now my babe can’t cope with that…is all because of your word


All of you talking  about burna boy anyhow I don’t blame you bcs you don’t know about his past and how he  fought to become a giant, I feel your pain bro can’t wait to listen to your next successful Grammy album I always believe you don gon gon