On Rev. Father Mbaka Vs Buhari

On Rev. Father Mbaka Vs Buhari

Sunday, May 2, 2021 9:00 am

File photo: Buhari with Rev. Fr Mbaka

By Fred Chukwulobe
Is it proper for a priest to endorse a political aspirant once, twice, claiming God told him to say bla, bla, bla, and then the candidate turns out to be a complete opposite of what you prophesied and the priest goes on offensive and the politician fights back and we come in the priest’s defence?
Does God talk bla, bla, bla? Has His prophesies ever failed to come to fruition? Does God lie? Does God double speak? Does God play to the gallery?
I have been consistent in my criticisms of Rev. Father Ejike Camillus Mbaka and his Adoration Ministry. I am a Catholic and a Knight for that matter. We are to defend our faith and our Priests and pray for them. But should I do so blindly, particularly when the priest is Mbaka who insulted our icon, Peter Obi and welcomed Ganduje? Which Imam will insult a Muslim politician and welcome his Christian counterpart? In which country?
I criticise pastorprenuers. So, should I keep quiet now that “my priest’s” head is on the guillotine? Would that be right before God and before man? I don’t think so.
Mbaka ate with the devil using a short spoon. That’s the problem. By supporting Buhari, telling us God said bla, bla, bla, and turning around later to say Buhari should resign or be impeached because “he has failed”, didn’t “God” tell Mbaka that this will happen. Now, government has mischievously accused him of asking for a contract, isn’t it “you Daboh me, I Tarka you” playing out?
Has Mbaka killed his priesthood by his bla, bla, bla utterances? How will genuine and intelligent followers of his Adoration Ministry feel about this? That’s is, for those who are led by the one, true spirit, not the gullible ones?
It means all his prophesies on Buhari was to curry favour, help some Adoration attending contractors and not because God spoke to him. That is a big no no for me. Whether government is trying to fight back by smearing him, Mbaka brought this on himself. A priest is not supposed to go about endorsing politicians, asking for contracts, that is, if he did ask, and then expects to be respected. His job is not to sell prophesies, but to give it undiluted.
The truth of the matter is that some of these men of God are agonistics. They speak for themselves and claim God spoke to them. I feel sad at this. I saw it coming and warned. No matter how we feel about this, Mbaka has all the blame to take. Bishop Hassan Kukah, the revered Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, has been more measured in his criticisms. He cannot be so accused because he’s more measured and more intelligent. Mbaka is just a rabble rouser. Please forgive me for saying this, but after what he did to Peter Obi and after he welcomed Ganduje, I remembered that former governor of Enugu State warned that he “will deal with me” for defending Mbaka after the Technical College, Enugu, Adoration stampede. That was in the 90s when I thought Mbaka was a “serious priest”. Not anymore.
As a Catholic, I feel sad. I know of a pentecostal GO who went asking for favour from the federal government and was denied. But that one prays instead of fighting the same government. Smart Alec!
Men of God are supposed to be apolitical, staying away from contract pursuits so that when they speak, they do so with the Authority of God and with reverence. But before you criticise me for saying this, note that Mbaka has chains of businesses and think about what will happen if other priests do likewise; note that I defended Mbaka and almost paid a big price. Now, I have seen the light. Allow me to express my opinion.
Remember, “when you wrestle with the pig” be ready to be smeared with mud.
-Fred Chukwulibe is a journalist and public affairs analyst

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