Mary Daniel, Metaphor of Ability In Disability

Mary Daniel, then and now!


By Olufunke Cole

That we all celebrate the elegance in her posture and poise is not a happenstance. This was a lady whose intriguing story of grass to grace filled our cyberspace a few weeks back, how she had struggled to feed herself, grandma and baby. Her name is Mary Daniel, a 26-year old Igala woman who hails from Kogi State. Despite her disability as an amputee, she was determined against all the odds to make a living for herself. With her own little efforts, she had resolved to carve a niche for herself in the competitive “business” world, a place exclusively reserved for the physically fit. Here, she was, all in a bid to launch herself into a life of hope, and with so much aggression and desperation, damned all the consequences in spite of all the obstacles.

Mary Daniel

When I listened to Mary recount her harrowing experiences and ordeals in the hands of a man whose “love” for her rested on just enjoying that route of her paradise, I couldn’t but appreciate the courage she invested in her ability to survive. I had read how some individuals have praised God on her behalf, and how some have attributed her recent discovered favour to destiny. But, have you ever considered that hers was not without a sheer determination to succeed in the midst of a competitive business climate in Nigeria? Being able to discover a right path with which you could raise a standard for yourself and become outstanding rest in the inner power of self discovery.

Mary Daniel

She realised that she could hawk and cash in on that, she didn’t hesitate to do it with immediate alacrity. She wanted to learn a skill, but realised that she must be able to raise some funds to achieve that. She was betrayed by someone she felt she could trust, yet, never gave up in her bid to survive. If she had resorted to begging, probably, luck might not have smiled on her way, that I am sure. She made frantic efforts to create a beauty for herself in an unpleasant situation. Some of us are blessed with a gift or talent but find it difficult to explore such into a potentially creative piece. We tend to either mock or belittle those simplest of opportunities that come our way. In other terms, some would be quick to remind you how difficult some terrains could present itself without illuminating their minds on a flashlight that produces a raging fire.

Mary Daniel

Are you still sitting down doing nothing, or you are waiting for a push first, or you need a soothsayer to tell you which way to follow? Mary Daniel’s is a story that could help shape your thoughts and rekindle your hopes. Stop chasing shadows of elusive unrealistic opportunities. Be determined to aim at reality. Of course, you need to survive and that must be found in either your ability or skill. Think about that magic wand in your tongue, hands and legs that are waiting to be launched. Yes, pray and move, do it with so much rigour and vigor. Remember, nothing good comes cheap, and nothing great comes easy. There is a potential lying in your cabinet. There’s a balloon in your closet seeking a way to be blown into the air, seeking a way to escape the air trapped in it. Are you still nursing a form of disability/liability as a form of obstacle hindering you to reach your goal? You need not look far, use that disability to express a viability. Afterall, “there’s plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it.” You must present yourself always at the place of opportunity. After all, Mary Daniel has confirmed the saying that, there is ability in disability.

Written by Funke Cole