Hijab: Kwara reopens mission schools

File photo: School pupils in Hijab crisis

Richard Elesho

After what looked like weeks of reflection, the government of Kwara state has finally announced resumption of the ten mission schools affected in the hijab controversy for Monday.

Permanent Secretary Kwara Ministry of Education, Mrs. Mary Adeosun, in a statement on Sunday, said: “This is to inform parents/guardians and teachers that the 2020/2021 Third Term Academic Session for the 10 schools affected in the recent hijaab debate starts on Monday, 12th April 2021.

“This is part of the government’s efforts to bring the students in these schools up to speed in whatever they may have missed when their schools were shut. This is especially necessary for students preparing for external examinations.

“The resumption date for other schools not affected by the brief closure of schools is Monday 26th, 2021, as had earlier been communicated.

Since the fresh announcement students, parents and the public have been waiting for how matters will turn out in the affected schools. The last time an attempt was made to reopen the schools witnessed a near breakdown of law and order.

“All the teachers and staff of the affected schools should resume duty and commence classes immediately.

“The monitoring and inspection team of the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development will be going round to ascertain compliance.”