Police Hospital, Falomo, denies corruption allegation against its vaccination team

Police Hospital, Falomo, denies corruption allegation against its vaccination team

Thursday, March 25, 2021 9:37 pm

Police Hospital in Falomo

The Police Hospital, Falomo, has reacted to what it called an unsubstantiated report aired on Saturday 20 March on Arise TV. The report alleged corrupt practices against members of the vaccination team at the hospital . According to a statement signed by Commissioner of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, CP Admin medical, Falomo, the medium said, “without any proof, that touts were hanging around the hospital to facilitate the illegal acts.”

An investigation was, as the hospital revealed, “immediately instituted into this report by the hospital authority and the following facts came to light:

“I. There is a private approach road leading to the Police hospital. This private approach road is clean and clear of human traffic. Touts cannot hang around the facility as alleged.
2. The pink background shown in the video is obviously not Falomo Police Hospital. The walls of the hospital are painted white.
3. On Monday 15/03/21, the first day of vaccination, there was a low turn out at the center.
4. On Wednesday 17/03/21, the center started to witness a surge.
5. Expatriates who are frontline workers without any exemption or discrimination are qualified for vaccination in this phase. Majority of them residing in Ikoyi and surroundings find the Falomo center attractive due to proximity and security considerations.
6. Some persons who do not fall in this phase of vaccination accused the frontline workers of jumping the queue whereas they are the ones jumping phases.


From day 1 of vaccination, Falomo hospital has been insisting on strict adherence to the guidelines given by the state government in this exercise. Our committment to, not just doing the right thing but doing things right is unwavering. We were looking forward to making the Police hospital, Falomo a model center in this exercise. We acknowledge that only the innocent and those who do the right thing get wrongly accused. We are also aware that wrong accusations in this environment stick more easily if made against the police. Let it therefore be known that the Falomo center is only located within the police health facility; members of the vaccination team, the Coordinators, the supervisors and the organisers are not of the police, in case this is the thinking that is bringing the allegation of money exchanging hands.
The responsibility of the police in this exercice is to provide the needed support to ensure smooth conduct of the vaccination, especially at centers located within our facilities.
There has not been any material evidence, not even the least of it to substantiate this wild allegation other than the mere suspicion or imagination of the maker. The faceless individual is advised to come forward to substantiate the allegation with evidence if he/she has any. The choice of a media house to lodge a criminal complaint rather than the concerned relevant authorities says much about the intention behind the story.
The airing of an unsubstantiated report that is capable of smearing the police health facility being used as center and which brings discredit to the genuine effort of government in this exercise is also unacceptable and should stop forthwith in the interest of all.


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