Rivers 2023: Ex- Ijaw youth leader berates Jackrich, condemns attack on Wike

Rivers 2023: Ex- Ijaw youth leader berates Jackrich, condemns attack on Wike

Monday, March 22, 2021 4:08 pm

Prince Sobrasua Odum: defends Wike against allegations by Jackrich

Prince Sobrasua Odum: defends Wike against allegations by Jackrich

By Okafor Ofiebor/ Port Harcourt

A former Kalabari Clan Chairman of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Prince Sobrasua Odum has defended Governor Nyesom Wike against allegations of lack of accountability in the management of Rivers State funds leveled against him by a gubernatorial aspirant, Sobomabo Jackrich.

Jackrich had recently demanded transparency in the construction of the Trans-Kalabari Road Project, while declaring his intention to contest 2023 Rivers governorship election.

He also asked the Governor to make details of the contracts for the completed and ongoing bridges being constructed by his administration public.

While reacting to the statement, Odum said  said Jackrich has no moral justification whatsoever to demand transparency or accountability from the Rivers State Government on.

He said “It is the height of hypocrisy and deception for a character like Sobomabo Jackrich to make such malicious demand or even criticize Governor Wike on the issue of governance in Rivers State whereas he lacks the same virtue he is demanding from the Governor.

“I know him too well because I worked with him for over 14 years as his second- in-command before parting ways with him in 2020. I know what he is capable of on issues of handling of public and organizational funds to his private at the expense of his subjects and the public.

“I challenge him to defend himself on the on the allegations that he  denied, excluded, deprived and shortchanged me and my subjects of funds from Eroton and NNPC surveillance contracts for over five years while we were with him.

“He also deprived and denied me and my subjects of political fortunes and benefits of our years of struggle with him in the trenches of politics”.

The former Chairman of Kalabari clan Ijaw Youths Council  also regretted that: “It  is unfortunate that rather than realizing his wrongdoing and patching up things with most of his subjects whom he deceived and shortchanged, he is going about portraying himself as a saint and discrediting the good works of  our dear Governor  Wike who has performed creditably beyond the expectations of many, especially his critics and naysayers”.

Prince  Odum also downplayed and dismissed what he called “the so-call governorship ambition of Sobomabo Jackrich” describing it as a smokescreen and subterfuge to advance his selfish and parochial interest.

He further said, “I state unapologetically with facts that Sobomabo Jackrich is the biggest betrayal and saboteur of the clamour for a Governor of Rivers State of Kalabari extraction. He is a sell-out in Kalabari Kingdom and a professional political businessman who will trade-off the Kalabari governorship struggle for his financial gains.

“He is not a serious politician and he has nothing to offer, the public should discountenance and disregard his so-call Governorship ambition.

“Sobomabo Jackrich can only redeem his battered image and infamous reputation by genuinely turning-a-new-leaf and making reparation, sincerely render unreserved an apology and beg for the forgiveness of all those he has terribly offended politically, socially and economically”.

Odum  urged  Governor Wike to sustain the tempo of his excellent performance and unprecedented strides in office and not to be distracted by the futile attempts by characters like Jackrich and  to discredit and undermine the good works of his administration and smear his  reputation.

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