NNG condemns secessionist agitators, warns that Nigeria must not fail

Tony Uranta, NNSG Executive Secretary

The Nigeria National Summit Group (NNSG) has condemned those declaring sovereignty of some sections of the country, warning those making such calls for Nigeria to split to stop.

The group has also condemned what it called unilateral declarations of Independence by some persons and sections of the country.

Mr Tony Uranta, Executive Secretary of the NNSG, made this known in a statement after the group’s emergency virtual assembly on Monday.

“The NNSG held its 1st Quarterly 2021 meeting and came up with a clear statement that Nigeria, warts and all, must not be allowed to fail or splinter.

“The only news that we hear of some groups or persons declaring independence from Nigeria these days are frighteningly bizarre,” he said.

Uranta who said there was need to keep Nigeria together, warned those who wished to splinter the country of the negative fallouts that a dismembered Nigeria would force on both Nigeria and the world.

“These unilateral declarations of independence and the avoidable challenges that will be visited on Nigerians nationwide must not be treated with kid gloves.

“Leaders nationwide must urge restraints on anybody, group or people leading or making such calls,” he said.

Uranta said there was need for the Federal Government to initiate and convene a reconciliatory national roundtable.

“Such roundtable will focus on the principles distilled and agreed upon during the 2014 National Conference.

“The Federal Government should convene a brief pragmatic assembly of all the protagonists of the ongoing anarchy and urgently revisit the 2014 National Conference which was chaired by former Chief Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi,” he said.

Uranta said ongoing insecurity issues threatening the very fabric of Nigeria as a country, must be resolved and that sanity and stability must restored.

The NNSG scribe also said there was need for the Federal Government to act decisively against every anti-law and order bodies.