Dupe Olatunbosun Shines On

Dupe Olatunbosun Shines On

Thursday, March 11, 2021 3:13 pm


Professor Dupe Olatunbosun

By Rupert Ojenuwa

If you met Prof. Dupe Olatunbosun and he was at home with you, one of two things were sure. You either suffered boredom or inspired by his Curriculum Vitae for he would spare no moment in letting you know how impressive his CV was. And it was very impressive by the way,  having been privileged like he would always stress, to become a Professor at an early age of about 30 years old.

‘There will be no other Dupe Olatunbosun” was a familiar quote from him, relishing generously the fact that he was once a house boy who fetched fire woods for his then master. But this house boy would later go on to bag for himself a PhD in Agric Economics from Michigan State University and also make a success of his professional and business careers, having  served in several capacities abroad as well as in governments of Ekiti and Ogun States.

Dupe Olatunbosun was a patriot with zero tolerance for corruption. It was a known fact that Dupe single handedly withstood the military, opting to suffer an unjust punishment for a crime he didn’t commit. For Dupe, it was better that he was jailed than to be released to freedom in a garb of compromise. That would have meant that he had lost his name. Dupe cherished his name and he fought till he drew his last breath to keep his name unsullied. This, perhaps accounts for the reason his foray into Nigeria politriks or is it politics was cut short. He didn’t have the dexterity of joining them if he couldn’t beat them which seemed to be the guiding principle in Nigeria politics. For Dupe, you either beat them or stand alone and keep your garments clean.

Prof Oltunbosun was a constant incurable advocate for good governance. He granted many interviews, wrote articles and accepted to deliver addresses whose focus were on how to ensure that Nigeria was a nation for all. That was very much his dream. Little wonder he waited till the Presidential election of 2019 to be over before he bade the world a remarkable farewell on the 24th of February 2019 and if the dead could speak from their graves or if mortal men could hear the dead speak, Dupe may as well be speaking to the need for a better society. He cherished that. He dreamt about it, only that the nation appeared not to be ready for such a salient lesson. And, most of his lessons didn’t sit quite well with the ruling class.

He was one of the few men across the world that could be seen as a total man. Dupe was indeed total. He lacked nothing. He didn’t have an intimidating physical credentials but what he lacked in the physicals, he made up for handsomely in morals, in love and in great accomplishments. Dupe loved his wife. He was a lover indeed. The love story of Prof Olatubosun and his wife Olufunke is one that is littered with utmost care. If you were close to the two love birds, it was easy to conclude that their kind of love was only possible in home videos but that couldn’t be more wrong for Prof and his wife exhibited true affection such that the young people around them couldn’t help but be inspired.

Born April 18, 1940, Ogotun, Ekiti, Ekiti State; married Rachel Olufunke Ogunbade, one daughter; Education: St. David’s School, Akure, Olubadan School, Ibadan, Government College, Ibadan, 1954-58, University of Ibadan, 1960-64, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA, 1965-67; Career:  Appointed Research Associate, Michigan University, USA, 1965-66; Lec turer, University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile Ife, 1966-67; Re search Fellow, Nigeria Institute of Social & Economic Research (NISER), University of Ibadan, 1966-67; Research Fellow, Michi gan State University, USA, 1967-68; Senior Research Fellow, NISER, University of Ibadan, 1967; Lecturer at the United Nations African Economic Development &Planning Seminar & Summer Course, 1968-74; Lecturer at United Nations Agricultural Planning Course, Sponsored by United Nations & Federal Government of Nigeria, 1968-77; Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan and Institute of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo Uni versity, Ile-Ife, 1966-75; Senior Research Fellow & Director, Agricultural Development & Planning Division, NISER, Univer sity of Ibadan, 1972-75

He was also a Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 1973-74; Professor of Agricultural Economics ,NISER, University of Ibadan, 1974-75; Deputy Chairman, Apoje Farm Project; Chairman, Funduk Engineering Limited, Ibadan, 1979-date; Chairman/Chief Executive, DAOD Nigeria Limited; since 1982; Chairman/Chief Executive, Starford Oil International Limited; Chairman/Chief Executive, Agro-Industries Farm Project, Arowojeka, Ibadan; President, MAICO International Limited, since 1978; Director, BIDO Construction Nigeria Limited, since 1983; Fellow, Institute of Administrative Management of Nigeria; Fellow, Institute of Directors; fellow, National Farms Institute; fellow, Salzgurg Seminar, Austria, since 1978; Chief of Mission of Three Consult ants for the Federal Government On the Preparation of National & State Food Balance Sheets, 1971; Chairman, for Africa On Trade Development, 1971-75; First President, West African Association of Agricultural Economists (WAAAE), 1972-77; Chair man, Kainji Socio Economic Research Council, 1974-78; Chairman, Expert Panel on Agrarian Reform & Rural Development in Nigeria, 1979;Chiefof Mission of the Study on Integrated Rural Development Project in Bendel State (now Edo & Delta States), 1980; Chief of Mission of the Feasibility Study for Agro-based Industries in Kwara State, 1981; Chief of Mission of the Feasibility Study for Agro-based Industries in Niger State, 1981; Chiefof Mission of Team for the Review of Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme in Nigeria, 1982; Consultant to Western State Government of Nigeria On Agricultural Development Projects, 1969-76; Consultant to the United Nations On Trade and Development UNCTAD, 1972-78;Consultant to the American Council on Education, 1973; Consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 1974-78; Consultant to United Bank of Africa Plc, UBA, on the Establishment of Department of Agricultural Credit and Rural Lending, 1978-80, 1979-85.

He was Consultant to WEMA Bank Plc, on Evaluation of all Agricultural Projects submitted for Loans, 1979-85; Consultant on World Bank Mission on Project Identification in Lagos State, 1980; Consultant on World Bank Mission on Project Identification in Sokoto State, 1980 & Rivers State, 1982; Consultant to the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, NIDB, Pic on the Blue Print for Industrial Promotion in Nigeria, 1978-80; Consultant, National Economic Intelligence Committee at the Presidency, since 1994; member, Agricultural Society of Nigeria; member, Agricultural Economic Association; member, American Economic Association; member, Association for the Advancement of Agricultural Science in Africa (AAASA); member, Farmers Institute of Nigeria; member, Institute of Administrative Management of Nigeria; member, Institute of Directors; member, International Association of Agricultural Economics IAAE); member, International Council of Social Sciences; member, Nigeria Economic Society; member, Society for International Development; member, West African Association of Agricultural Economists (WAAAE); member, Nigeria and America Joint Consultative Council (JACC) on Agricultural and Industrial Development, 1979- 82; member, Institute of Land Economy and Planning Studies: member of Faculty, Salzburg Seminar in American Studies, Salzburg, Austria, 1977; member, Editorial Board, Bulletin of Rural Economics and Sociology, University of Ibadan, 1968-79; member, National Committee on Statistics; member, National on Scientific Surveys, Statistics and Documentation; member, National Committee on Food Crops; member, National Technical Advisory Committee on General Economics and Statistics; member, Economic Advisory Council, Ondo State, 1974-78; member, Anti-Inflation Task Force Set up by the Federal Military Government of Nigeria, .1975-76; member, World Committee of Expert on General Issues of Economic & Social Policy concerned with Basic Needs by the United Nations, 1976; member, UN Committee on Strategies for Agricultural Development for the Developing Countries, 1980-89; Political Party: member, defunct Social Democratic Party, SDP; member, Campaign Issues Committee, SDP, 1990; member, National Committee on Strategy and Planning, SDP, 1992; member, National Committee on the Socio-Economic Transformation Agenda of SDP, 1992; Awards/Honours: Winner, National Agricultural Merit Award; recipient, Certified Distinguished Administrator Award, Full Bright Fellow, 1974; USAID Scholarship Award for PHD degree; Michigan State University Fellowship; Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, 1973; Ford Foundation Fellowship, 1974.

He was a recipient, Government Scholarship to Government College, Ibadan; recipient, Government Scholarship to University of Ibadan, Ibadan; Publications: Nigerian Farm Settlement and School Leavers: Farms, Profitability, Resource Use and Socio-Psychological Considerations, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing- Michigan, 1967; -4 Quantitative Analysis of Food Requirements, Supplies and Demands in Nigeria, 1968-85, University Press, Ibadan, 1972; Perspective Plan for Nigerian Agricultural Development, 1972-85, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Government Press, 1975; Co-author, Priorities in Health Planning – Proceedings of a National Conference, Caxton Press, 1973; Co-author, The Marketing Board System, University Press, Ibadan, 1974; Nigeria’s Neglected Rural Majority, Oxford University Press, 1975; Rural Development in Africa – Proceeding of a National Conference (EDA), Oxford University Press, 1978;Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in Nigeria, Oxford University Press, 1982; plus over 80 articles in learned national and international journals.



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