Food Blockade Backfires on Owners

Food Blockade Backfires on Owners

Monday, March 1, 2021 5:03 pm

Trucks laden with food items, blocked at Jebba.

The food blockade embarked upon by some northern food supplies has started to boomerang.

The first error is position of Kwara in the geo-politics of Nigeria. When it is convenient, Kwara is regarded as not belonging to the south. And when expediency calls, Kwara belongs to the north.

However, the blockade epicentre is Jebba, just outside of Kwara state. Analysts now wonder if the axphixiation of  Kwara is not an exercise in self flagelation!

Worse still following the blockade of foodstuffs by northern traders to Southern part of Nigeria, IGBERE TV has gathered the traders have lost over  N10 billion in one week.

According to Musa Tijani, a farmer, “most of the perishable foodstuffs have spoiled because even the countries that we are moving the goods to have the items”.

He wined further: “So, what happens is that when we get there, they won’t buy most of the foodstuff till we will just dash them or dump them there.”

“We need stop this blockage and see ourselves as one. There is no difference between an Igbo man, Hausa, Yoruba and Fulani if we our leaders can unite us.”

Truck loaded with yams

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