Revenue Consultant Seeks Validation of Court Judgement


By Daniels Ekugo

A Revenue Consultancy firm to the Niger State Government, Boyabam Services Global Limited, is seeking the validation of a final award judgement delivered by Mohammed Musa Sakaba (Sole Arbitrator) in the matter of an Arbitration holden at Minna, Niger State.

The Consultant recently dragged the Commissioner, Ministry of Transportation; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation; Governor of Niger State and the Attorney General of the state over the suspension of the Consultancy agreement between both parties.

In the ruling, the sole Arbitrator, Mohammed Musa Sakaba upheld that, there was a valid contract between the parties to the Arbitration; that the Respondent did not follow due process in suspending the contract because the Respondent did not follow or comply with the provisions relating to Force Majeure before suspending the contract.

While determining the final award, the sole Arbitrator ruled that the purported suspension of the Consultancy agreement by the Respondent is invalid and same is hereby cancelled and set aside; that the Consultancy agreement dated 8 July 2016 is still valid, subsisting and binding on the parties.

But in a twist, the Niger State government is yet to honour the final award judgement on them.

According to the consultant, “ it’s been an awful moment and years for me. After years of the Arbitration and the final award judgement, the state and it’s agents has declined to honour it. And that’s the reason I am seeking the help of the Niger State government in revalidating my contract service.

“if the Niger State government fails to abide by the final judgement award, I will have no other option than to seek compensation from there, but hopefully I know they will be helpful in revalidating the Revenue Consultancy Agreement reached between us.’