Of OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton And Trump: We Know You Are Guilty But..



By Ena Ofugara


A majority found you guilty, just not enough to meet constitutional treshhold with Trump.

It is sad that people do not understand that to be impeached and twice is a big blemish on a record. That the people’s representative in one of the two hollowed houses found you REPUGNANT and UNFIT to go on as president is a testament to bad behaviour. Bill Clinton came out like a man and apologized for what he did to a young impressionable girl and lying about it under oath. Bill Clinton was to go on and behave better, having owned up to what he did wrong, ala Peter the Disciple of Jesus

To be impeached twice is almost a crime in itself. Again, representative of the whole country, CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN in a BI-PARTISAN MANNER found Trump as unfit for public office, which impeachment really is.

The Senate is the check on the lower house. They are meant to tamper justice with mercy. They are, by characteristic, the BIG BROTHER that aims to pour some balm in a hurting limb.

It was a Republican-controlled Senate that found Bill Clinton NOT GUILTY, not because he did not lie under oath (a crime) or behave badly by getting his penis fellated right in the ORAL sorry OVAL OFFICe, … something Clinton Admitted to and apologized for, but because SENATE TRIAL IS POLITICAL and the best decision for much, not most but much, of the country is important.

Trump, the first president to be impeached TWICE, a president REPUDIATED, evidenced by ONE TERM ONLY, a president that lost by 7 million votes when incumbents beat contenders by landslides, a president without a SINGLE LEGACY, whose actions were wiped away on DAY ONE by the man he called SLEEPY JOE… Trump that did not build a wall after all except to baricade himsef FROM the white house and swearing in of Joe Biden, Trump that Mexico never paid for his wall, that oversaw the most DEATH by a single president, including at times of full scale war like Vietnam, and the most JOB LOSS in history and who, while alive, will see Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla that he blocked BECOME WTO BOSS, and see Nigerians and Muslims entering America, and see OBAMACARE ALIVE AND WELL and also seeing his hotels empty and business crumbling, with Scotland trying to cease his gold course. A Trump that pardoned his friends who stole from his supporters (wall money by Steve Bannon) and is watching his supporters no longer allowed on flights and facing prison terms when he could have blanket pardoned them…same TRUMP whose only legacy and what he will be remembered for is INSURRECTION and bungling of PANDEMIC was found…


…but only getting the official NOT GUILTY VERDICT because only 57 of 100 senators thought of him as VERMIN and a NINCOMPOOP. …

Sorry, not that the others 43 did not think of him as an AJIGGA” (leech) but that some worried he was already out of office and the constitutionalitu of it all and others that his supporters needed to feel some comfort as they have lost everything… HOUSE, SENATE, GEORGIA, ARIZONA and all the BLUE WALL states lost by Hillary Clinton.

So, as Trump’s intellectually leprous supporters celebrate a NOT GUILTY VERDICT, they must remember that he was IMPEACHED TWICE and a RECORD 57 MEMBERS OF SENATE consider him aGARGANTUAN ERROR whose face never has to be near public office again


NOT GUILTY VERDICT, like OJ SIMPSON, like Bill Clinton and like Trump is not saying a person is not a criminal sometimes. It simply says NOT ENOUGH JURORS felt you were guilty enough to make it official.